Julie Donaldson: Tribute to the radio presenter of the late Redcar community of Kovid-19

Julie Donaldson: Tribute to the radio presenter of the late Redcar community of Kovid-19

Tributes have risen since the death of Community Radio Award winner Kovid-19.

In Zedland FM, Redcar, breakfast presenter Julie Donaldson has died, after more than three weeks in intensive care of coronavirus, it has been reported.

Cleveland Police posted on Facebook: “We are shocked to hear of the death of our friend Julie Donaldson.

“Julie has always kept our officers and staff at ease on our radio shows and was a wonderful way to calm their nerves and get to know the real person behind the uniform. She helped us at our staff awards and allowed us to reach out to communities through her warmth. And humor.

“We loved working with Julie and she really missed it. Our thoughts are with her family and colleagues.”

Redcar Conservative MP Jacob Young said: “It is heartbreaking to hear that the beautiful Julie Donaldson has died a tragic death in a short battle with the Covid-19.

“Julie was the life and soul of Zetland FM and I remember well my first meeting with her, as she made fun of me for smiling so much.

“I can miss her humor and selfies – and the amazing sunrise pictures she managed to take from her place in the beacon while we were all still awake.

“My thoughts are with her friends and her husband John, who recently got married in Zetland and elsewhere.

“I would also like to thank James Cook’s team for their efforts in helping all those who fought Kovid.

“She rests peacefully.”

Redcar and Cleveland Labor leader Carl Quarterman said yesterday: “Redcar lost its voice today.

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“We have lost a beautiful soul and been completely destroyed. Many tears will flow.

“Julie was our friend and true ambassador to this city. A reassuring voice on our radio every morning, she starts each day with a light side of life, good humor, jokes and stories. As well as being humorous, she was kind, thoughtful. And very generous with his time.

“I’ve been interviewing on Zetland FM for years at her company and was lucky to see many of the projects she helped create and present. She encouraged and cared for Redcar with positivity and with Raza. Julie will remember you.

“My heartfelt condolences to her soul mate John, to his Zetland FM family and to those who have been blessed to know him.

“Relax in peace.”

On Twitter, Tea Valley’s mayoral Labor candidate, Jesse Joe Jacobs, said: “It’s a pleasure to hear that Zetland FM Award-winning presenter Julie Donaldson has died after weeks of fighting with Covid-19. It affects everyone she knows and she Will be missing. My thoughts are with her family today. ”

Her husband John, who got married earlier this year, said in a post shared on the radio station’s Facebook page yesterday: “I wrote that I am horrified that Julie died shortly after 5am. Earlier this month she was admitted to the hospital and gave an incredibly brave fight to fight this terrible disease.

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“In the end her heart just couldn’t cope with the stress she was putting on her lungs. The doctors and nurses in the ICU were exceptional and they were all supportive and ran the extra mile to comfort her when she needed it the most. I did all her on Facebook Thanks to friends for your words and encouragement, I know this helped her a lot. ”

Mrs. Donaldson was named Best Female Presenter at the 2018 Community Radio Awards.


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