July, Tony Parker, Matt Pokora … stars present for this charity meeting to benefit UNICEF (Photo)

July, Tony Parker, Matt Pokora ... stars present for this charity meeting to benefit UNICEF (Photo)

This Wednesday, 13 October, a very special match was held at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, with football legends as well as opposing artists. All this, for a good cause and organized by UNICEF.

It is like any other match that has touched the hearts of the supporters. at the Marseille Velodrome Stadium, On this Wednesday, October 13, the atmosphere was good, while a meeting was held in Ivory Coast to symbolically be baptized for the benefit of children’s education Hero Match, And the meeting has lived up to its name because it brings beautiful people together. There were a lot of former football players before, like Didier Drogba, Robert Peirce, Basil Bolik, Marcel Desailly Or even Jibril Sisse and Samir Nasri. but that’s not all.

Players and artists gathered at the velodrome

For this noble cause, other celebrities of diverse and diverse backgrounds have not hesitated to wear crampons. Supporters installed in the stand of the Stade Velodrome Were able to find on the lawn of Marseille keve adams And Matt Pokora, football fanatics for a long time. Other athletes have also traveled, such as teddy reaper who traded football shirts in his judo kimono, and Tony Parker, who tried to prove that he was as good on the field as he was on the basketball court. Formula 1 Driver Pierre Gasly there was also, like rappers SCH, July (worthy ambassador of the city of Fokken), alonzo or Romeo Elvis.

A good hat-trick from Didier Drogba for a good purpose

Former footballer and now sports correspondent Laure Bouleau Like a tennis player, it won’t be remembered for the world Alizee Lim with her beloved Tony Parker, but also former Miss France Laurie Thielman. had come to attend the meeting. Stephen Tepee was also touched by At the start of the match, tributes were paid to his father, Bernard Tappy. Died on 3 October, the former OM leader was once again celebrated by Marseille. In the end, all the participants were divided into two teams: “Om legends“And this”Team UNICEF“. Thanks in particular to a hat-trick from Didier Drogba, OM Legends won with a decent score, 7-4. In the end, 427,250 euros were collected for a profit UNICEF and Didier Drogba Foundation, to improve access to education for children in Cte d’Ivoire.

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