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1 season Of “Heritage of Jupiter“Ends with a rock. What we got about it Start, content And this The artist Of season 2 You know, read here!

Shortly after its debut on May 7, the superhero series “Heritage of Jupiter“Secure the top spot in Netflix Top 10. The series is based on the” Graphic Novels “series Mark miller ()“Kick-Ass”, “Kingsman”) And tells the story of a superhero family on one side whose foundation is shaken by an incident. On the other hand, we learn in several flashbacks how the hero surrounding the superhero’s father “The Utopian” (Josh Duhmall) came to his superpower. And of course the eight-part ends The first season of “Legacy of Jupiter” One very clearly depicts the fate and map of the future.

But one 2 season Of “Jupiter’s Heritage “ already confirmed? And what do we know about the potential actors and the plot of season 2 on Netflix? You will learn about it in the following sections. As a precaution, here is a spoiler warning: “The Legacy of Jupiter” – the end of season 1, will be specifically discussed in the Contents section.

“Jupiter Legacy”: Second season to appear on Netflix?

Comic book writer Mark Miller is said to have already planned nine (!) Various Netflix projects. Like him Scottish “Herald Magazine” Betrayal is also . Jupiter’s Heritage “- Staffel 2. In the interview, Mark Miller already hinted when the second season of “Jupiter’s Legacy” could continue: “N.Next year will be the second season of ‘Jupiter’. ‘The Magic Order’, a horror project, and a detective project will also be published. “In the wake of the interview, however, Miller retreated a bit: plans for a sequel to” Jupiter’s Legacy “are on the table, but ultimately Netflix viewers’ interest depends on whether it actually runs.

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This is what Mark Miller indicated in an interview with TVMovie.de when we asked: “I never want to be too cocky or make too many plans, but I know how to move forward. However, The audience finally has the last. Words Meanwhile, if you want to know how things will go, you can read through graphic novels (laughs). But we have a good sense of how much the series Netflix fans Will be well received and we can continue it. “


“Jupiter Legacy”: Josh Duhamel in an interview on the Netflix series!

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“Heritage of Jupiter” – Season 2: Commencement | How long does it last?

Jupiter's legacy Bei Netflix
What’s next in Season 2 of “Legacy of Jupiter”? Photo: Netflix

As Mark Miller indicated in the interview, should “Jupiter Legacy” should be continued next year. As the Kovid-19 epidemic is slowly improving, a publication should be made im mai 2022 Nothing to stand in the way. The condition for this, of course, is that Netflix gives the series the green light and follows a one-year release cycle.

“Heritage of Jupiter” – Season 2: Cast | Who is there?

Actually, almost the entire ensemble is in “Jupiter Legacy” – Staffel 2 visible. The exception, however, is the superhero Raikou (Anna Akana), who can possibly be seen in flashbacks. In addition to the main characters, who will definitely return, Season 2 may also have some very prominent newcomers in the “Legacy of Jupiter” universe.

It also includes brand new superheroes such as Tornado, Neutrino, Shockwave, Light Girl, Wood King, Automaton, Jack Frost and Tattoo, which will play a significant role in the further course of graphic novels. By the way, the actors of “Legacy of Jupiter” have already expressed how it should go with its characters in season 2. You can see the video here:

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“Jupiter’s Heritage” – Season 2: Contents | How will things go from here?

(Warning: spoilers for the end of Jupiter’s legacy – Season 1)

In the shocking finale, we get to know not only how the band around “The Utopian” got their superhero powers on the mysterious island, but who is actually behind the “Blackstar” clone. In the final twist, Walter Sampson (Ben Daniels) aka Brainwave turns out to be the mastermind: he wants to play Brandon (Andrew) aka “The Paragon” against his powerful father and thus eventually split “Union” . In the past, Brainwave has repeatedly criticized his powerful brother’s ability to adapt and his rigid adherence to the codex.

Because his own daughter Raikou saw through his plan, he was supposed to die in one of the last scenes of the season. One of the main storylines will probably revolve around whether Brandon, “The Utopian” and Company will someday come to Brainwave’s diabolical plan. It is just stupid that he can settle into the views of his fellow campaigners. In addition to the inevitable continuation of the plot and future of the “Union”, we also expect the series to become significantly more political and controversial, which goes under the influence of superheroes on society.

Another important story will probably be our “Romeo and Juliet” chaos couple Chloe and Hutch’s search for their father Bluefox. Perhaps the renegade superhero can uncover Brainwave’s plan? We’ll find out all this in the latest in the second season of “Jupiter’s Legacy”.


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