Justin Bieber came to the rescue in Drake featuring DJ Khalid in ‘Popstar’: see

Justin Bieber came to the rescue in Drake featuring DJ Khalid in 'Popstar': see

Biebs is back! And this time, he’s brokering with some heavyweight teammates.

Justin Bieber Feature artist on DJ Khalde And Drake‘Pa Pop Pastar’ music video for which dropped at midnight.

Directed by Director X, the hilarious new clip continues to harass Drake for appearing in his music videos through the game. “This guy is out of his rocker,” says the frustrated Drizzy. “Every 5 seconds (same) on my phone asks me something.”

So he calls in favor and hits his compatriot Bieber. The pop star is happy to help. Bieber lives a high life in a mansion surrounded by party men. While he doesn’t wear funky threads, Bieber wears very little – and reveals an impressive set of his tattoos.

Bieber’s wife, Haley, looks just like her manager Scooter Brown.

The artists continued to entertain and play games on Instagram. Drake wrote, “Thanks JB: I’m yours.” Bieber replied, “At any time.” And Khalid said, “Thank you Drake and JB I believe, you are a little over! !!!!!!!!!!!”

Fans posted the scene (and its ink check) and the beer trended on social media overnight.

Bieber and DJ Khalid have given a hit-making history. The pair have worked together since 2017 on their global No. 1 cove, Chance rapper and Lil Wayne, “I’m One.”

See below.

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