Justin Bieber teamed up with NHS choir to bid for Christmas number one ‘humble’ ants and arts news

The NHS Choir and Justin Bieber have teamed up in a bid to nab the Christmas number one

Five years after losing to Justin Bieber at the Christmas number one spot, NHS singers have become rivals by forming his team.

After Lewisham and Greenwich Choir took the top spot from the Canadian superstar in 2015, he urged fans to support him brilliantly.

The dancers have now added their sound to a special version of her track track Sacred, to get another Christmas number one.

If they succeed, the profits will be shared between NHS Charities Tugier and the lyricist’s local NHS Trust charity.

The piano-led song, which also features Chance the Rapper, focuses on 26-year-old Bieber’s Christian beliefs and his love for his model wife, Haley.

The choir members recorded a new version during sessions at the famous Abbey Road Studio.

Bieber said he was “humble” to work with the singer.

He said: “Lewisham and Greenwich had the pleasure of reuniting with the NHS singer, as we share the fun of UK chart history together.

“Especially in these difficult times, I am humbled to be with them for a charity singles team that will benefit NHS activists on this epidemic front and pay tribute to their incredible dedication.”

Lizzie Frant Rent, 39, a choir member and midwife who worked again during the Covid-19 epidemic to help with staff shortages, said: “What a year it has been. We’ll talk about Christmas number one all the time.

“He’s given us so much. And whenever we talk about Christmas number one, Justin Bieber is never far from our lips. It’s synonymous with each other.”

She added that she was “really curious” when she came in contact with Bieber: “I really want to collaborate and share this with you.”

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Levisham and Greenwich NHS choir performed at Glastonbury in 2016

Ms Farrant said she met at the Bieber meeting after she went to London to hand over her chart award, and described them as “very welcoming and supportive of us as health care professionals”.

He added: “He really supported us as an entity and as we do.”

The unlikely partnership began in 2015 when Bieber’s hit single Love Yourself and A Choir’s A Bridge Over You went head-to-head for Christmas’s number one.

Bieber told his 80 million Twitter followers to “do the right thing” and help the singer reach the top in the singles chart.

After the choir went to London to present their trophy face-to-face, he said: “I was honored to meet everyone from the anthem and I’m really happy they got number one.”

Available on Holy December 18 by Justin Bieber and Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir.


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