Kanye West as seen in a Paris cafe (all alone)

Kanye West as seen in a Paris cafe (all alone)

Kanye West’s trip to Paris goes unnoticed. If we all remember his visit to KFC Strasbourg Saint-Denis a few months back, or his recent on the stock exchange De Paris, today he alone is a tour of a small bistro in Paris, surprising Internet users.

On October 14, Kanye West was seen in a small bar called a . was presented as “Gourmet Bar”, located near Place Vendme in Paris. Ferdi Bar, also described as “A small restaurant with a varied menu [qui] There is a collection of old-fashioned decorations and toy cars”, Serves hot drinks, burgers, salads, cold meats and some hot dishes – menu is here. Another photo, probably taken on the same day, shows her this time at the Bread & Roses Tea Room-Bakery in Paris.

Kanye West was not walking when he was seen in the restaurant. Conversely, since he was on a video call with Justin Bieber, as evidenced by this tweet, But his arrival at the establishment is no surprise. Ferdi Bar is a place often by international celebrities. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been there several times In the past,

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