Kerry in China prepares for Berry Climate Summit

Kerry in China prepares for Berry Climate Summit

L ‘US climate envoy John Kerry is scheduled to be in China on Wednesday to prepare for the international climate change summit organized by Joe Biden, the first visit by a big government official to a large rival in China.

China and the United States are the two major global polluters and their agreement is considered critical to the success of international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

John Carey, who negotiated the 2015 Paris Agreement on behalf of his country, will travel from Wednesday to Saturday. He will meet his counterpart Xie Xhenhua in Shanghai, Chinese diplomacy announced without more details.

The former head of US diplomacy will visit South Korea, the State Department said on Tuesday.

Objective: To create a Virtual Climate Summit to be held on April 22 and 23 at the initiative of the US President. His Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping is yet to confirm his participation in the event.

John Carey should also prepare for the major COP26 climate conference to be held in Glasgow (Scotland) for November.

China-U.S. Despite tensions, from the human rights trade to the plight of Uygar Muslims in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, Beijing’s involvement is critical to the success of the climate initiative.

On CNN television, Carey admitted, “We cannot resolve this climate crisis on the negotiating table without China.” “We hope China will join us.”

“A part”

From his first day in the White House, on January 20, Joe Biden recorded the United States withdrawal in the Paris Climate Agreement, which Donald Trump had abandoned nearly four years earlier.

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With its Virtual Climate Summit, the White House intends to “underline the urgency – and economic benefit – of more climate change”. The Democratic president has invited 40 world leaders, including his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

John Kerry has already traveled to Europe and then to India, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates to defend ambitious targets.

Facing China, Joe Biden has shown since his inauguration of his intention to continue on the path of persistence borrowed by his Republican predecessor, while collaborating on planetary challenges such as global warming.

John Kerry admitted to CNN, “Yes, we have disagreements with China on some important issues.”

“But the climate has to be kept separate. You know, we can’t have this disagreement and say + because I’m not going to do anything about the climate + because it’s just killing you, your Is troubling his people., So I hope everybody comes and talks.


John Kerry’s Shanghai trip is a very significant event, notes Li Shuo, an energy expert from Greenpeace China.

“The importance of this journey should not be underestimated, whether it leads to results or not,” he insists.

“The idea of ​​a (Sino-US) decoding on climate change would be neither possible nor wise.”

It was in Anchorage, Alaska, the United States and China held their first face-to-face march in March, marked by bitter events on both sides since Joe Biden came to power.

After two days of meetings, Antony Blinken, head of American diplomacy, and Jake Sullivan, an adviser to Joe Biden, had previously welcomed “tough” but “constructive” discussions.

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Yang Jiechi, the most senior Chinese Communist Party official for diplomacy, had also welcomed “frank, constructive and fruitful” discussions, without denying “significant differences”.

Among the areas of friction is Taiwan, where Biden on Wednesday sent an informal delegation of former senior US officials to show American support for the island, which is facing increasingly aggressive action from Beijing.

China considers Taiwan one of its provinces, which it is asked to return in a day by force if necessary.

14/04/2021 14:09:18 – Shanghai (AFP) – © 2021 AFP


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