Kids Host to Kids Cooking Show on Netflix

Kids Host to Kids Cooking Show on Netflix

At this point, you may feel like you’ve seen it all from Netflix and are looking forward to the next season of your favorite series. But the streaming service just made an important announcement.

Sincerely: Netflix

Actually, former first lady Michelle Obama is going to do her cooking show on Netflix! And a bit like the famous Muppet show, the latter will feature adorable puppets and is primarily intended for children.

According to several corroborating sources such as CNN, Michelle Obama will work as executive producer on this new show “Waffles + Cobbler”. Waffles and Mochi are the names of two puppets who will have to help on their journey to become chefs, especially through their role as a supermarket owner. Other indiscretions specify that the show should also host well-known chefs and celebrities.

A culinary journey

“With the help of cool new faces like a supermarket owner, Mrs. Obama and a magic cart as a guide, Waffle and Cobblers go on a mission to cook food around the world, serving restaurants, farms and homes around the world.” Travel, cook dishes with everyday, top chefs, household chefs, children and celebrities with everyday ingredients. Whether they are raising potatoes in the Peruvian Andes, tasting spices in Italy, or making miso in Japan, these curious explorers are discovering the miracle of food ” Netflix said in a statement.

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This new show will begin on the platform on 16 March in the world of cooking. Gourmet notice!


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