Kirsty Alley criticizes new scissor diversity and inclusion requirements: ‘This is a disgrace to artists everywhere’

Kirsty Alley criticizes new scissor diversity and inclusion requirements: 'This is a disgrace to artists everywhere'

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Announced on Tuesday A new set of requirements In an effort to increase representation and inclusion in Hollywood, films have become award-winning, and actress Kirsty Alley is not safe to say that she is not even a little thrilled.

Ahead of the fifth anniversary of # Sc Scarso White ControversyThe academy said it was limiting Best Picture Award nominees, starting with the 2024 entry slate, to meet the requirements that would encourage more people in color fill positions on the film’s set to “off-screen and off-equip representation”. Is “. According to one, the role of the intern and all the roles in between press Online Press Release.

“It’s a disgrace to artists everywhere.” As she wrote, Eli quickly took to Twitter to address her frustrations with the new standards.

She continued to tweet: “Can you imagine what Picasso had to say in his Ch-King paintings. You people have lost your mind. Control the artists, control the personal thought. Oscar Orwell.”

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Hours later, Ellie tweeted that diversity and inclusion “should be taught, very well and in such a natural and genuine way that it becomes another nature of our children.”

The star received heavy criticism from her followers, with a majority in her acting career.

“Good CIS, looking at your career (or lack there) won’t affect you. That’s it,” one user applauded.

Another questioned Ally: “It’s interesting to consider most of the films you’ve starred in. Are you worried about the lack of opportunities? You know these new rules help you as a woman, right? The studio says that in films Who to put? All the time. “

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“Don’t worry, a little inclusion isn’t what turns off your Oscar …,” one person remarked.

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Among the critics was also a scurr-nominated director Av Duvernay, Who closed a door on someone’s face by Denzel and Washington Washington’s GIF, making it clear that he was opposed to Lenny’s beliefs.

Another follower said: “Can you imagine this getting hotter giving people more chances ??? Can you imagine this getting upset as more people will get JOBS ???”

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To be eligible for the Film Awards in 2022 and 2023, producers must submit a confidential Academy Inclusion Standards form, however, there will be no concrete requirement yet to meet the threshold.

“The governors of the academy, Devon Franklin and Jim Giannopoulos, developed the standards set by the British Film Institute’s (BFI) diversification standards for the eligibility of certain funds in the UK and the specimens used by the British Academy to qualify in certain categories. Film and Television (BAFTA) Awards, but were accepted to meet the Academy’s specific requirements. “The Academy also consulted with the Producers Guild of America (PGA), as it currently does for O Scar qualification.”

All other award categories will be tailored to their current eligibility requirements.

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Submissions in Best Picture category from other entries like “Animated Feature Film, Documentary Feature” [or] International feature film “will be evaluated separately.

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According to the publication, two of the following four criteria must be met to qualify for the Best Picture Award. 96th Oscar: Screen non-screen presentation, themes and descriptions, creative leadership and project team, industry access and opportunities and audience development.

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