Kiss a Ginger Day 2021: These redheads and the redheads that we want …

Kiss a Ginger Day 2021: These redheads and the redheads that we want ...

This is his day on 12 January!

We are no longer in the middle ages but Redheads Still and always fall prey to prejudice (although they have superpowers). Fortunately, since 2009, he had his own day. “Day a redhead kiss”, or “A Ginger Day Kiss“, In the original version, is celebrated every January 12. Where does it come from? It was created in 2009 and is anti-” National Day of the Kicking Redheads “, which was launched in 2008 and whose Born in the following episode. South Park. But as some people have taken it seriously, to counter it, Derek Foggy, a Canadian comedian, has decided to do them justice.

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Redheads and Redheads in force!

In short, this is the day we celebrate raging hair and freckles … and if statistically, only 2% of the people on Earth are red, then quite famous. Includes real, musical or comedy stars, and fake, fictional characters. From Prince Harry to Archie Andrews, to Jessica Chastain for Beth Harmon, these are the moss we’d love to kiss!


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