Kylian Mbappe kissed by a star during vacation in Mykonos, fans a little embarrassed … (VIDEO)

Kylian Mbappe kissed by a star during vacation in Mykonos, fans a little embarrassed ... (VIDEO)

During his vacation in Mykonos (Greece), footballer Kylian Mbappe crossed paths with a cooking celebrity and shared a special moment. until a surprise kiss burns up the canvas…and triggers a variety of witty comments.

He was absolutely brilliant in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, he completely missed the Euro three years later. Kian Mbappe Failed to find the net during the four meetings he attended with the Blues. He thus lost the leadership of the attack in favor of a certain Karim Benzema, who was far more successful than Bondi’s famous ambassador. Worse yet, the Paris Saint-Germain’s star striker missed the decisive shot on goal against Switzerland, and therefore eliminated France in the round of 16. This earned him several criticisms, in addition to the outrageous insults that were erased on Twitter and which led to a judicial inquiry by the Paris prosecutor’s office. In short, a bad period to forget, while other tensions are felt around their contract extension at PSG, taking more and more lead in the wing.

a bond that flows over an awkward kiss

To pass the splurge on this less glorious episode of his youth career, Kylian Mbappe flew to a sunny destination and was very popular with the stars. It is actually currently in Mykonos, one of the most famous Greek islands. But don’t be mistaken: the unusual decoration of the surroundings, made up of white houses with blue shutters hanging on the side of the cliff, is not the main argument for its arrival. He is especially visited by his friend, the famous butcher friend of the stars, Nusret Gökke, aka “Salt Bay”. And as he systematically does, the latter hastened to publish on Instagram two videos of their meeting in his restaurant. As an aside, we find that Kylian Mbappe cuts a really good steak before salting it like his host. But on the other, much more intimate, we discover a 22-year-old footballer with a luxury restaurant. And completely intoxicated by this moment of complicity, Salt Bea kisses the attacker’s cheek slightly forcefully, a discreet gesture to free himself from this embrace.

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“What annoyance…”

Between fun and restlessness, what should I share with a lot of fans of two men? If the sequence garnered more than 7 million views in just a few hours, which is a testament to its massive success, then, above all, it triggered a round of derisive comments targeting both the athlete and the Turkish butcher. We can read these specifically: “He’s as drunk as ever”, “Too clumsy”, “You’re too loud my brother”, “The boy looks like he’s about to destroy Mbappe”, “This kiss is so weird”, “Q ‘Is it wrong with your mouth there? “I guess he was not expecting this kiss”, “It will end in the same story”, “What a genius”…we’ll let you make your own decision.


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