La Chapelle-des-Foergetz. Goats celebrate christmas in january

  La Chapelle-des-Foergetz.  Goats celebrate christmas in january

The city has many animals, but not only, to the delight of children and parents.

Three Highland cows, Scottish celebrities, help maintain wet meadows. Six donkeys also graze here and there while contributing to local activities. Thirty-one goats cooperate in eco-grazing in areas that are difficult to reach, making pedestrians happy.

Gildas Chuinard, responsible for municipal technical services, explains: “This year, we are giving them an unprecedented gift, that is, five huge trees planted during the holiday season. They were deposited in a field. They all take care of the greenery and we will fix the wood once they have finished their work. For individuals, we proceed with Classic Peace, to avoid any possible toxicity. “

Michelle Chaux, technical agent and reference for animals, is full of praise for her favorite, her goat herd: “We have only brought in future mothers, so that they can bring their children in good condition. “

New housing estates will be developed to accommodate these animals.

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