Lakhs of fraudsters in court with handcuffs and handkerchiefs. regional

  Lakhs of fraudsters in court with handcuffs and handkerchiefs.  regional

Osnabrück – Smart young entrepreneur Hendrik Holt spent his last days in freedom where he liked it best: in the midst of luxury. On April 17, 2020, the police arrested him from the luxury hotel “Adlon” in Berlin.

Yesterday Holt (31) again appeared in public – and everything seemed as usual: pocket squares shone in a blue blazer, legs were in fashionable sneakers. Only the handcuffs slightly disturbed the beautiful picture.

Holt was brought before the Osnabrück Regional Court as a defendant. The allegation: He is said to have defrauded investors of at least 10 million euros with the wind farms he invented.

The prosecutor read the indictment for three hours, and with every word one thing became clear: the fine clothes, the luxury cars, the million-dollar mansion in which Holt and his family lived—it was all the same, according to the prosecution. Holt masqueraded as large wind farms to investors from the Czech Republic, Scotland and Italy.

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Two other defendants cover their faces with files in a regional courtroom

Photo: Henning Hünerbein

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Holt family’s swank villa in Bakum (Lower Saxony): estimated to be worth 2.2 million euros

Photo: Matthias Niehuse

Wind turbines were not allowed to be built in any area. According to the indictment, “the wind power projects were fictitious”. Hendrik Holt was silent about the allegations yesterday, as did his sister Saskia (27), brother Stephen (29) and mother Simone (54). Sister is said to have transferred crooked money abroad, the mother has already transferred 10,000 euros with a “profit withdrawal” note.

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Presiding Judge Norbert Carstensen

Photo: Friso Gentsch / dpa

Even with the names of their fantasy projects, the family scoffed at investors. One was called “DWWN” – internally standing for “he probably was nothing”. He now faces up to 10 years in prison.

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