Len Penny, poet defending the Scottish language

Len Penny, poet defending the Scottish language

Every Monday, International mail Invites you to discover an influential person. This week: Len Penny. The student shares his taste for the specialties of Scottish English through poetry. This not only received him very favorable criticism but also weight support.

It is not another language entirely, but we are a long way from Oxford English. Len Penny is a Scottish language lover who is so particular, a passion he shares on his Twitter account through the definition of explanation and expression (“Scottish word of the day”) and, above all, the creation of poems. She publishes and texts in front of the camera.

An accent, rhyme and touch of insanity

This sensation began to cause the final fall, is related Time, Together “I’m not doing any havan” (“I will not have children”). Contrary to what the title states, this is not a question of denial of motherhood: it confirms that it will not children English but Wine, A little Scottish good. “I am going to very few people with a head full of an ancient and proud language.”

Since then, the daily statement, Tens of thousands of users scrambled from Fafund city to see this 21 year old student [juste au nord d’Édimbourg] Listen to songs and poems with their distinctive pronunciation “. It experienced a resurgence of popularity at the beginning of the year when it brought in poems composed for “Daft Days”, a local tradition. [“Jours des fous”], Local newspaper says Fife today: “Originally made famous


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