Les Bleues won a draw in Scotland in the tournament

Les Bleues won a draw in Scotland in the tournament

Matches: 13-13

Enrique Heard’s players had all the trouble in the world to find their bearings in Glasgow on Sunday. Faced with the Scottish without talent but implemented, the Blue stunned their rugby in the first period. Unsafe passes and a touch of indiscipline polluted the French game.

Fortunately, for him, the French were able to rely on their physical dominance, particularly up front, which allowed them to score quickly by Safi N’Diye at the conclusion of a penetrating groupist authoritarian (0-5, 5th) Granted. Feeling stronger than his opponents, Blue often supported the penalty mark on points, ineffective and returned to the locker room with a short lead (3-8).

At the start of the second period, France demonstrated greater precision and aggression, as did the new group-penetrating winner this time concluded by Agathe Suchat (3–13, 45th). But this leap quickly evaporated into a concert of guess and hand mistakes. Often mistakenly taken, Blue returned Scotland with little thanks to Nelson’s boot (6-13, 64th).

Within minutes from the whistle, the Scottish, much more aggressive, flaws were detected. In the end, excellent No. 8 Jade Konkel monopolized the two French defenders and sent his winger Rachel Shankland to the in-goal (13–13, 73rd). The British got a deserved draw given the level of drama displayed by the French. Annick Heard and his staff have some work to do before facing Ireland in Dublin next week.


Almost, the French made 18 hand errors in Glasgow. Many hope to end their rare initiative.

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Fact: Blue finishes at 14

Not very motivated in Glasgow, with France team topping, not much success as many players have come out with injury. Center Morgan Pyronnet (29th), then Camille Bowd (51st) and Leng Corson (58th) all replaced.

All changes made at the time of dropping the second line, Blue also had to finish the game 14. A numerical inferiority that proved too crippling to hold the lead.


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