Lewis Capaldi is making a documentary about his career


10. June 2021 – Stephen Engel

“Someone You Loved” made Scott Lewis Capaldi an overnight mega-star in 2019, and that success continues to this day. This is exactly what happens film producer Joe Perlman is now shooting a brand new musician documentary entirely about the rise of Lewis Capaldi from a provincial musician in Scotland to a worldwide phenomenon.

From pubs to millions of spectators

The film still has no name and no release date. What is clear, however, is that the film will be about how Scott, who initially appeared only in bars and clubs, could almost overnight become one of the greatest musicians of our day. Also, it should be about how Capaldi returns home after his first world tour to work on his second album.

So much pressure – everyone can see

Capaldi told the magazine “Variety” that he would like to pressure her with the second album by being visible to all. The musician said, “The second album should not only meet the expectations of the first album, but it should be sold as many times. I just wanted to show that heavy pressure.” In the blink of an eye he adds: “I’m glad everyone can see how the best album in the world was made or how all my dreams go up in flames because everyone thinks it sucks. It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Presentation at Cannes Film Festival

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The film will be screened for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival in early July. There are other responsible persons behind the bandage Sam Bridger and Alice Rhodes, who worked on Beyoncé’s video album Lemonade and the Beastie Boys Story. So the project should be in experienced hands. We can be very excited about the final product.

Best Music by Lewis Capaldi

Incidentally, you can always find the best music by Louise Capaldi in the program on Radio Hamburg. Watch it and don’t miss any of your favorite megahits. Very easy access to the page here through the web player or Through the Radio Hamburg app.


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