Lion talks about his relationship for fame and money

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Interviewed by “JDD”, Luina Emra, among others, believes in their relationship for fame and money.

The flame With candor and simplicity. In an interview with “Journal du Dimanche” on January 10, 2021, the 24-year-old singer, who released her third solo album titled “Joie de Vivre” last October, made some statements about her family life, leading to His relationship also deteriorated. For fame and money.

The mother of a small Esmée, who was born to her love affair with composer Florian Rossi in March 2020, the French artist confirmed how she finally had the chance to give birth to her daughter in such a special context. “After giving birth in full confinement, I was allowed to gradually increase the new rhythm of my life,” she said quite rightly.

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Laune later mentioned his report on social media. Very active on Instagram, where she is keen on more than 1.1 million, admitting she “doesn’t want to do without it”, happy to be able to maintain the link with her community. “I grew up with social media … Although it’s a double-edged sword, I don’t want to do without it. Sometimes you fall prey to it, but sometimes it’s a big wave of love that lifts you up Is, ”he said.

“I’m very lucky to find myself on the good side of notoriety: people are kind to me”

Appearing since adolescence, she appeared to the general public in the 2013 tele-hook “The Voice,” Luen is today exempted from potential criticism that may be the object. “In seven years, I have been able to see different states of fame. First of all, for a teenage girl who feels bad about herself, she is flattering, it all looks down on you. To a large extent (…)

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