LIVE: Watch Betis Sevilla against Bayer Leverkusen today on TV and Livestream

Live im TV und Online-Stream: Bayer Leverkusen und Florian Wirtz (r.) wollen die deutliche Pleite gegen den FC Bayern vergessen machen.

The mixed season at Betis Sevilla has been forgotten with two points from three matches. Together Six wins in the last eight matches The Spaniards are rising. Teams around their star Nabil Fekir and ex-BVB defender Mark Bartra, like Leverkusen, won their first two games in the Europa League group stage. The top game of Group G will be on Thursday evening.


RTLniche channel nitro Betis broadcasts the game between Sevilla and Bayer Leverkusen on free TV. The broadcast starts at 6.15 pm. Plays via Smart TV app or streaming device tvnow On television too.

And! NS streaming platform RTL, from TVNow, Offers a live stream on its website and broadcasts the full 90 minutes. However, the service is chargeable. If you still want to watch the Betis Sevilla vs Bayer Leverkusen match live, you can complete a free trial month.

Of course, the internet offers alternatives if you don’t want to pay for the live stream of the Europa League match between Sevilla and Leverkusen. However, you have to be prepared for poor picture and sound quality, foreign commenters, and annoying pop-ups. Also, you are in the legal gray area as the legality of such clauses is controversial.

NS PlayBUZZER is offering a live ticker for Thursday’s Betis Sevilla game against Bayer Leverkusen. All goals, cards, tasks and highlights Available here from 6.45 pm onwards.

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