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2:31 PM PST – Cardi added further context to the controversy, writing: “The rumors are okay. Stop trying to say that the song fails to bully a woman’s feelings or acting like she needs sympathy. This song is all about Body shaming and calling your mother in the top 10 on the platform is mean and racist nonsense.”

Lizzo once again shoos away enemies who have nothing but mean things to say about her – but this time it really happened to her… because she’s in tears in front of the camera.

The singer went live on Sunday and what she was saying was the negativity rising and falling in her direction following her release Cardi BThe new song from “Rumors,” which Lizzo says is accused of shame, racism, and speaking out to white audiences.

Lizzo says that despite trying to put some positive energy into the world with her music or messages or whatever, she feels that she often gets more hate than love… and although she notes that such For things he has thick skin, it’s hard to weigh him now.

She makes a valid point — that if you’re not into her music or her personality or anything else about her art, just turn the dial to something else… instead, Lizzo says she’s noticed That people are going out of their way to put her down, and she doesn’t get it.

This is nothing new to her — Lizzo has suffered this type of hatred since entering the scene, and she’s usually pretty good at telling people to kick rocks. She ends up doing it here too, but this video is really a glimpse into how hard all the garbage hits her armor… and heartbreaking, to say the least. Even Cardi was forced to speak up.

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She writes: “When you stand up for yourself, they claim your problem and your sensitivity. When you don’t, they tear you down until you cry like that. Whether you are skinny, fat, plastic, they will always try to address your insecurities. Remember these popular table watchers are idiots. “Other celebrities have spoken out for him too, including” chloe bailey.

Lizzo says she’s starting to focus on positive hate posts and ignore all that she’s reading of herself on social media and elsewhere — TBH, it’s a good idea.

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