Locke & Key: Where’s the Keyhouse from the Netflix Series?

Locke & Key: où se situe la maison KeyHouse de la série Netflix ?

Lock & Key Season 2 has just recently released on Netflix. But where is the famous Key House located? And where is the filming of the series taking place?

All Locke & Key fans can finally find Season 2 of this Netflix series. And the latter was very well received. Maize where the famous keyhouse is located that we can see in the series? We tell you more.

Locke & Key: A Shoot in Canada

When you watch a series you always wonder where the actual filming location is. And for Locke & Key so it’s Canada! majority of Scenes from the series were filmed in Toronto. But the house should not be there.

Actually, the keyhouse will actually be in downtown Matheson, Massachusetts. A fictional city in the United States. But this famous magic house containing keys with strong powers doesn’t really exist. He is in a studio.

Actually, Locke and Key’s house was built and decorated At the Canadian studio of Cinespace Film. And the fraud doesn’t stop here. The fictional scenes that are supposed to represent the city of Matheson are not shot in the United States.

They are actually in Nova Scotia! It’s a bit like cinema magic! But other locations in Canada have been featured in the Netflix series. One especially thinks of the Lake of Ovens. A spectacular place where the famous cave in the range is located.

The lock and key in this cave has a door to access other dimensions. but in reality, This is a sublime and natural place in Canada. So cinema reserves many surprises when we dissect a series.

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A season 3 on Netflix?

And apparently, Locke & Key is working so well that it deserves a third season on Netflix! Good news for all the fans. Season 3 is already in the pipeline for the platform. You’ll just have to wait to see it.

the latter There should be 10 episodes after that. It will once again feature the Locke family but also the demons Dodge and Gabe. According to the latest information, it should be released during the year 2022. We’ll have to wait a bit!

But what will this Locke & Key Season 3 be about? The creators told a little more during an interview. , third season pays more attention to family , He announced. but that’s not all.

Really goes to the family” face the greatest danger Which they have faced till now.” It must be said that each season, the writers of Locke & Key should always do better not to exhaust the fans.

“It’s a challenge, but it’s fun and I think we were able to do it! ” CThe creators were involved. That’s why we feel great excitement on his part for this third season of the Netflix series. At the moment we don’t know much.

Netflix has also not announced whether the third will be the last. For that we will have to wait longer. but what is fixed Are 10 episodes waiting for you till 2022.