Long night of churches in Vorderprattigau

Long night of churches in Vorderprattigau

Can be run from 2pm on a family path between Schiers and Grüsch. The posts are designed so that families can start from both locations. Beginning at Grush is at the Grush Ost exit. In Schiers, the family trail begins at the Schiers West exit (parking lot). The path runs along the main road. In addition to the Reformed Church in Shears, a grassy maze invites you to meditate and live from 2 in the afternoon.

The “Live Escape Game” program also begins at 2 pm in Kath. Civis-Pardisla Church. With family or friends you can find clues, add clues, crack codes and solve various puzzles. Puzzles are suitable for families with children and teenagers. The church has separate stations that have tasks that have to be sorted together. Visitors can start in person. It will take about 45 minutes to understand this mystery.

Church bells ring at 6 pm in the Reformed Churches Sevis Dorf, Sevis-Schmitten, Grusch, Fanas, Valzina and Shires, and the Catholic Churches Civis-Pardisla and Shires. At 6.15 pm the Reformed Church in Shires will be showing the family film: “Pankchen and Anton”. Around the same time, at 6.30 pm, the “Church in Turbulent Time – Reflection and Music” service begins at the Reformed Church in Grusch. Dr. Theol. In the service, Johannes Flurry tells of the eventful history of churches in Pratigau. From the beginning, through reform, to re-catholization, to the present day. The service will be accompanied by Ernst Vanar with music. Anyone who missed the service at Grusch will have the opportunity to enjoy the «Church in turbulent times – reflection and music» at 8:30 pm at the Shears. Pastor Andreas Anderfuren invites you to meditate at the Reformed Church of Civis Dorf at 8 pm. It follows the tradition of the reformed Iona community in Scotland. At 10 pm, Shires Reformed Church will conclude the evening with the film: “Outrageously Genish”. Throughout the period, miniature meditation texts or food for thought are available in all churches and Christian books can be seen in the corners of the books. Visitation can be done in churches till 10 o’clock at night. More information can be found at www.langenachtderkirchen.ch.

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