Looking forward to the shocking Olive and Mabel 2021 on the NYE Dog Video by Andrew Couture

Looking forward to the shocking Olive and Mabel 2021 on the NYE Dog Video by Andrew Couture

The 47-year-old Couture, who became an overnight celebrity for Olive and Mabel’s parody commentary videos during the lock, enthralled fans with the help of both Labradors in 2021.

Their latest video, posted just after 11am on Thursday morning, shows puppies face to face in an intense monopoly battle, before Olive – the couple’s eldest – breathed in apparent boredom.

“Look, I know you’re both sick this year, we all need entertainment right now,” Kotter says in his voiceover.

Focusing on Mabel, he said, “The worst year you remember? Well you can’t remember the last week, so it’s not a horrifying assessment.

Turning to Olive he said, “And you loved it, everyone was in the house all the time.”

“Well things are definitely going to get better, first of all, what is Mabel looking forward to in 2021?”

The action then turns into a montage – with an epic-style soundtrack – of dogs tearing the sea apart, hurting the snow-capped mountain slopes, leaping through the dark areas of summer and the beach. Chasing a tennis ball along. .

“God, it’s like Black Beauty drastically cut budgets,” Kotter says, “but yes, we all can’t wait to come back and explore the world.”

He then asks Olive the same question, whose own imaginary desires show him greedily eating dog food. enough.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, is that all you want?” Asks his shocked boss. “What? Is it all about the goals to be achieved this year? And you just want to start doing normal things again?”

The video ends with the trio continuing their festive board game session, this time before switching to chess, Kotter said to Mabel, “Okay, then go, bring the twister mat.”

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The video was viewed more than 250,000 times in less than 11 hours, with social media users thanking the 47-year-old for bringing her pets and in 2020 a great joy in her life.

A fan tweeted a snap of her own pet, writing: “Happy New Year to you, Olive and Mabel! What a year it has been for them. We have endless happiness this year as these tireless adorable dog companions , Thank you very much for bringing warmth and positivity. I wish you the best of 2021. “

Another wrote: “Couture, you, Mabel and Olive were the winners in 2020. Wishing you an equally prosperous New Year that we’d be happy to hear more feedback about your daily tasks. Good luck.”

When Britain entered its first national stop in March, Couture’s job as a sports commentator on television ceased, and as time went on he employed his observational skills.

Exactly nine months later, his video of Olive and Mabel has been viewed by millions of people around the world and Kotter is a published author.

Le Liver Olive, Mabel and Me: Life and Adventures with My Canine Companions, I Sortie en Octobre.

The Scottish-originated Kotter said the video’s inspiration came from the 1990s sketch show Big Train, in which famed sports commentator Barry Davis seriously portrayed the stare-out world championship.

“I didn’t know it would come out like this. I was going to comment to a sports broadcaster commenting on everyday life about various worldly things, because I have nothing else to comment on, ” he said at an event at the first Cheltenham Literature Festival this year. during.

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“I finally decided to comment on the dogs. I was lucky that it was dogs because it flew with so many people and it resonated with them as dog owners.


Couture, known for his televised coverage of golf, rugby, tennis and athletics prior to the coronavirus epidemic, said he worried that he could now be seen as a joke commentator, so he is a dog’s comical From voice to setting in human conditions.

“I was worried after the second, Game of Bones, because it was even bigger and you don’t want to be a joke because you have to get back to work,” he said.

“This year Wimbledon, the Open, was supposed to be the summer of the Olympics.

“If you are commenting at the Olympic opening ceremony and everyone thinks that is the man who makes dogs, then you have lost some credibility.

“You think you don’t want to be a joke commentator and that’s why I wanted to make a little sketch and put them in human situations instead of commenting on them.

Couture said that after the video was successful, he was approached by a Hallwood “bigwig” whom he would not name and who was interested in “getting things done”.

“He is a very big dog lover and he said he would love to do a series. I am not sure it will happen, I think we have this moment now, ”said the 47-year-old.

“If I can think of ideas, films, I will continue to do so. If they (dogs) lead strange lives, they lead, I’ll keep filming. They make me laugh as much as anything.

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“Everything is so serious at the moment, so dark and so little and if you have 90 seconds to laugh with the dogs, that’s the most important thing.”


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