Luca Guadagnino’s crazy plans for Suspiria 2

Luca Guadagnino's crazy plans for Suspiria 2

Ballet and witches – how well they move together, Dario Argento showed in his horror classic Suspiria, And is a remake of Luca Guadagino Was not inferior in any way. Guadagnino would have loved it to continue, but nothing would come of it. Suspiria Basically live together Suspiria – Part 1 The title was, in script and in slate, it is true, he explains in a new interview.

So is this also a Suspiria – Part 2 The interviewer sought to know from her, to which Guadagnino replied: How are you? The film recorded nothing and was a disaster at the box office. He knows that people like him more now. He also loved making this film, it meant a lot to him. But with screenwriter David Kajnich, he actually considered it as the first part of a larger story.

The sequel is a vision of the soul, Guadagnino continues. You want to do things because you want to spend time with the people you love, with the actors and writers you love. In his series we are who we are One will see it, and also Call me by your name Can I tell some more stories about Elio (Timothy Chalamet) And Oliver (Army hammer) Can tell.

Was Suspiria Worried, he might say that the action in the second part was leveled into five different time zones and locations. For example, we head witch Helena Marcos (Tilda Swinton) Was experienced as a charlatan in 1200 in Scotland and how he discovered the secret of longevity. Just a reminder: Guadagnino Suspiria Happens in 1977…

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