Mac Screensaver Ariel with New Content in Version 3.0 ›

Mac Screensaver Ariel with New Content in Version 3.0 ›

mac screen saver airy Version 3.0 introduces additional video, along with a new design and functional enhancements.

Arial is a Mac application that was initially dedicated only to the task of providing screen savers, produced by Apple at great expense for the Apple TV and some of which are actually worth watching on the Mac as well. This way, you can bring stunning aerial views of Apple’s countryside and cities to your Mac screen in crystal-clear quality.

Meanwhile, Ariel also offers several additional options, including integrated display of weather reports or various position information.

Ariel 3.0 supports Apple Music and Spotify

With version 3.0, Ariel initially complements videos from Iceland and Scotland recently published by Apple. Apart from this, the user interface of the app has been pleasantly revised. Starting with the ability to multi-select places to display, support for Apple Music and Spotify, and display on the screen vertically.

aerial mac settings

With Aerial 3.0, users can now integrate current song information from, for example, Apple Music or Spotify into an Aerial video similar to weather information. The app offers a total of seven positions on the screen to choose from as part of such integration. Alternatively, they can also be used to display current messages, time and date, battery charge status, countdown or timer, or information about the currently shown location.

A detailed overview of the innovations associated with Arial 3.0 can be found here screensaver website,

Arial is an open source project and is free to download. You can find the related GitHub page by developer John Coates Here, Alternatively, the app is likely to expand the scope of services Various fee based video packages By filmmakers Joshua Michaels and Hal Bergman.

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