March 18, 2021, Sports Day on Thursday

March 18, 2021, Sports Day on Thursday

FC Bayern have left open whether they will appoint Robert Lewandowski in the World Cup qualifier of the Polish national football team to be held in England. “We will wait and then decide according to the club’s interests. We need all the players for the game,” said coach Hans Flick on Sky TV. “We are still waiting to see what the authorities have to say about this and still have a few days to decide.”

Lewandowski gave Munich a 1-0 lead in a 2–1 win against Lazio Rome on Wednesday evening. Poland will play in England on 31 March, followed by the Bundesliga summit between RB Leipzig and FC Bayern three days later. “If a player needs to go into quarantine, the club is allowed to intervene. The countdown has started for us, so we need all the players,” Flick said. There are special quarantine rules for those entering Germany from the UK.

The Austrian national team will play their first qualifying game for the 2022 World Cup on March 25 against Scotland in Glasgow without Germany’s Leginnaire, ie David Alaba. “David won’t be in the first game in Scotland,” confirmed the flick.

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