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NSErlin (DPA) — Actor and filmmaker Mathias Schweighofer (40) calmly accepts an often tense resemblance to musician Tim Bendzko, who is four years his junior.

“Once at the gas station a woman came up to me, excited and enthusiastic: Tell me, you’re not … and then she began to sing:” Just a moment to save the world … “” Cinema Said and the streaming service star of “Sudetush Zeitung” from the weekend. “I’m sometimes mistaken for Tim Bendzko. But I know he’ll be wrong for me too. So we’ve officially agreed: We can perform on behalf of the other.”

Schweighöfer can currently be seen in the cinema in the film “Hinterland”. He will be online with his Netflix film Army of Thieves from the end of October. From a producer’s perspective, he sees a clear advantage of streaming services: “Unfortunately, as a filmmaker, you often experience beautiful weather on cinema release day, 35 degrees — and then you know: your The film is dead,” the 40-year-old explained. “Because if the first weekend goes bad, theaters put it to the side, and after another week it disappears completely.” Then a short sunny weekend eliminates two years of work. “That doesn’t happen with streaming services.”

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