Max Verstappen declined to be interviewed for Netflix documentary

Max Verstappen declined to be interviewed for Netflix documentary

MUNICH – The current Formula 1 season will again take place with Netflix. The documentary series “Drive to Survive” has become very popular in recent years.

“I’m not a fan of drama!”

Max Verstappen will no longer be involved. The Dutchman is no longer available for interviews with the series’ producers. He doesn’t want the statements to be misrepresented: “I’ve decided not to be a part of it anymore and haven’t given an interview since then, because then you can’t show anything. I’m not a fan of drama, I want facts and things that actually happen.”

In the third season, the rivalry between McLaren drivers Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris was escalated. There, the radio messages were taken out of context and transferred to a different position. Verstappen now has the same fear for his duel against world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen wants to know why the creators of the series resort to these means: “I understand this has to be done to increase popularity in America. But from a driver’s point of view, I don’t like being a part of it.” The 24-year-old will now be able to focus solely on the fight for the championship in order to fulfill his dream of a world championships in the U.S.

Formula 1 will visit Austin, Texas over the weekend. Then the race will take place on the “Circuit of America”. You can watch the entire race weekend here ran Follow in live ticker. It starts with the first free practice on Friday at 6:30 PM.

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