Michael Parkinson interview that will haunt him forever and ‘offend’ the Hollywood star

Michael Parkinson interview that will haunt him forever and 'offend' the Hollywood star

There is an exciting interview that will haunt Michael Parkinson forever.

The country’s most beloved TV interviewer has visited over 2000 stars over the years, while his own talk show Parkinson Front regularly draws more than eight million viewers every Saturday night.

Parky has chatted with everyone from Hollywood’s Icons to Bruxer Muhammad Ali, former Beetle Sir Paul Paul C’Cartney and Futia legend David Beckham.

But there’s a painful interview that almost broke him – and some say his guest career ended.

Hollywood actress Meg Ryan first appeared on the show in 2003 to promote her new film ‘In the Cut’.

Rather than using the usual compelling interview viewers, they watched in a very bizarre clash of TV history.

Michael Parkinson is talking to actress Meg Ryan

Immediately, Maggie moved her chair so that she was almost facing the presenter and ignored fellow guests Trini Woodhall and Suzanne Constantine – at one point even turning her towards them.

The Hollywood star sat stoned and responded with answers of the same words, giving a clear boredom that she was bored, irritated and did not want to be there.

Always professional, Parkie tried to keep the interview going but eventually the tension escalated.

Claiming to be bored of interviewing her, Michael asked in frustration what he would do if she was in his interview shoes.

“Well, I’m just wrapping it up,” the audience replied with a weird laugh.

But every story has two sides.

Meg Ryan's infamous dinner scene "When Harry met Sally"
Mag Ryan’s infamous dinner scene from “When Harry Mary Sally”

Three years after the infamous interview, Ryan made Parkinson a “nut” and insisted that awkwardness was all his fault.

He told Mary Clare in 2006, “I don’t even know the man. He was like a father who refused some! He’s crazy. I don’t know what he’s for you, but he’s a nut.”

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“I felt like he was pressuring me to stay naked in the movie. He said something like: ‘You should go back and do what you were doing.’

“And I thought, are you like a rejecting dad right now? I’m not even related to you. Back, mate, I was offended by that.”

The Hollywood actress also lamented that the format of the interview was longer and harder than that on American TV.

“I had to do 20 minutes straight with this guy, and I could walk away with anything – which probably wouldn’t be good – or try to disagree with him with respect.”

“Maybe I should go to Jonathan Ross and talk about it … what would you call him … Parky?”

Parki gave the side of the story

After being summoned by the actress, Fuming Parky made an extraordinary attack back on the Hollywood star.

Michael sincerely claimed that in response to Meg calling him a “nut” “I got the most boring bore ever”.

“She has an opinion. She has welcomed it. I’m glad – it’s appreciated to be called a nut by her,” he told The Mirror in April 2006.

Although Parky jokingly tried to remove Mag’s comments at the time, he jokingly said that they were really secretly very close.

He joked: “I still send her Christmas cards, of course. Really, we’re secret friends. She makes me fancy,” he told me.

“She said, ‘Michael, I’ll leave home for a man like you.’

Parky hit back at Mag in an interview with the Daily Mirror

Then in 2016, Michael revealed more intimate details of what happened before the tense interview.

Describing the moments in his gossip, he told The Mirror: “I never talk to people except to say ‘Hi, why are you?’ Before people come on set. On this occasion I had to go to her dressing room and go out and Said hi.

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“And as she sat staring at the wall on one side of the dressing room and staring at the wall on the other, I thought, ‘Hmm, this is going to be cozy.’

“But the thing that really did I put on the guest already, and she was sitting behind the set and staring at the monitor there, so she knew very well what she knew.”

Michael scolded the actress for “ignoring” previous guests Trini and Suzanne as he walked into the studio.

He added: “And so she was rude, she moved her chair so she was in front of me and they were looking around the corner. And then she started, I said, ‘Did you enjoy that fashion item?’ And she said, ‘What fashion item was that?’

“Well she knew what fashion thing she was, she was ingonging that she was asleep or something, and she started coming under my skin, she really did, I mean she was rude to people.

“And I can’t stand that you know, they’ve done a job, they’ve set the tone for it, and here we are and she’s not cooperating.

“Who does she think she is? And so it was my mood, I got along with her, so we had a little disagreement.”

Michael Parkinson during a GMB interview this week

Michael admits he tried to erase the memory of the interview – and admits the two don’t like each other.

This weak, presenter joked that they were not in any touch or sent a Christmas card.

While not much love has been lost between the two, Parky admits that they don’t bind real hatred either.

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“Oh, beautiful Mag. She did mischief – she was rude to my guests and gave the impression of not being very happy,” the presenter said. Australia Australian Star Magazine On sunday.

“There was a very good reason; it was in a movie that didn’t do very well and was at the end of a long journey and didn’t wait to go home, so you’re there.”

Michael Parkinson interviewed boxer Muhammad Ali in 1981

Michael has visited thousands of stars over the years – and even given some very memorable interviews.

He became a familiar face in the 1960s as a presenter on BBC and Grenada television before his BBC talk show Parkinson began in 1971.

The interviewer has the idea to manage to open the guest, producing moments that can be seen as incredible.

His most memorable guest was boxing boxing champion Muhammad Ali, who was interviewed four times before writing a book about his encounter.

In a memorable glitter match, Ali raised his voice: “You don’t have the intelligence to scare me on television. You have very small ideas.”

In another exchange when Parkinson Huff said: “I’m not going to argue with you”, to which Ali replied: “Not as dumb as you look.”

Michael had a memorable chat with Tony Blair

Back in 2006, Michael admitted that he lost every opportunity he had to go to great lengths.

“When people ask me who I enjoy interviewing the most, I’m unable to answer them,” Parkinson said.

“If they ask me who is the most remarkable man I’ve ever met, I answer without hesitation: Ali.”

Another interesting interview was with Tony Blair in 2006, where the former prime minister was outraged by the fact that he would be the final judge in his decision to go to war in Iraq.

Speaking about the chat in 2016, Parki said: “He loved to talk, and it’s good to interview people who like to talk, because they often talk without thinking, which is what he did there.

“He said the same thing about prayer, and I thought, ‘Hmm, we went here’ so you move on. So you have to listen, you know, prepare for the interview.”


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