Michelle Drucker had to be hospitalized under a false identity

Michel Drucker a dû être hospitalisé sous une fausse identité

The host took the initiative to hide all traces of his route to avoid some inconveniences.

Fame is not always easy to eclipse and, Michelle Drucker knows it all too well. So it is with full knowledge that last year he decided to do everything to stop the news of his stay in the hospital from spreading.

Fear of rumors

In an interview with Ciné Télé Revue, he thus revealed the conditions of living in a hospital environment. ” I was admitted to George Pompidou Hospital by another name », He said earlier, mentioning the name of the large Parisian establishment that welcomed him. ” I did not want to have social media that I had Kovid, which I did not “. In fact, Michelle Drucker had to actually operate on the heart. ” I have a new heart, I breathe ten times better than before », She rejoices today.

Convocation was not easy in any case. To rest and suspend his participation in the France television show since September, Michel Drucker says that more than 10 kilos have been lost and is known ” Suffering, as well as nights on morphine and pain relievers “. However, in early 2021, it comes to the end of the tunnel: ” I’ll be back in the spring, hopefully, to be comfortable again with no masks, cinemas and theaters “, He admitted during France TV’s last major press conference in early January.


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