Missed “Man, Nature, Adventure” Monday in Arte?: Documentary Series Recap on TV and Online


“Knowledge Gain”: when and where you can watch the recap of the documentary series “Man, Nature, Adventure” from Monday (10.1.2022), whether on television or digitally in the media library, you can find out in the news here Huh. Day.

Man, Nature, Arte. thrill in
Image: Arte, transmitted by FUNKE Program Guide

“Man, Nature, Adventure” can be seen on TV on Monday (10.1.2022) at 6:30 pm. if you watch the doctor series Art Missed Episode 2 of Season 1 (“Getting Knowledge”), but definitely want to watch: Take a look at Arte Media Library. There you will find many TV programs to stream online such as Video on Demand after it is broadcast, As a rule, you’ll find programs in the media library after they’ve aired on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. For the time being, Arte will have no repeats on classic television.

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“Man, Nature, Adventure” on TV: That’s What “Acquiring Knowledge” Is About

For far too long people have forgotten or ignored that everything in nature is interconnected. Now it’s all about avoiding the repetition of past mistakes and finding concrete, future-oriented solutions. Today, more and more initiatives are aimed at giving nature back its place, reclaiming so-called pests and restoring the balance that humans have destroyed. When indigenous peoples in the United States fought for the revival of the Elva River in the northwest of the United States, it became clear that this would also help preserve the orcas, as they live off the salmon in the river. An optimistic development began with the breaking of the dams. In the west of the country it was long recognized that the feared and contested wolf is an important pillar of the ecosystem: the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park has helped restore the area to ecological balance and even It also helped to improve health. Hunt. In the Chinese province of Sichuan, it was the firefly whose return led to the development of a natural ecosystem in rural areas. In Scotland too, a new take on the environment took place: a man struggling with a determination to restore the Highlands to their original shape. A piece of healthy forest returns among bare hills. It is now known how important it is to plant trees to counter the effects of deforestation. However, relocating some species in the wrong place can have disastrous consequences – such as in South Africa, where invasive pines are draining water supplies. Now the point is to restore the natural balance in nature. In the face of increasingly severe climate change, only healthy ecosystems will exist and continue to provide us with the resources we need in the future. (Source: Arte, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

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“Man, nature, adventure” on TV: all the information again at a glance

result:2 / Season 1 (“Getting Knowledge”)

Subject: To acquire knowledge

Feather: Art

Year of Production: 2020

Tall: 50 minutes

hd. In: Yes

All Broadcast Dates of “Man, Nature, Adventure” on Television

You can find out where and when you can watch further episodes of “Man, Nature, Adventure” here:

episode title Chain result Date time Sender period of time
Change 1 3 11.1.2022 6:30 pm. Art 50 minutes

(Season and episode number information is provided by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the designation in the official episode guide)

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