Morning with Marie-Katherine Girode

Morning with Marie-Katherine Girode

Great return to the record for pianist Marie-Catherine Giroud, who just released Mirare’s new album, “Regards de Femmes”. He found works there by romantic and modern composers: Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, Lily Boulanger and Mel Bonis.

in the program

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Try to win the record of the ensemble Les Sicles directed by François Xavier Roth Joe Symphony n ° 3 “Héroique” by . does Beethoven, released in Harmonia Mundi last April.

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music programming

yves montand
paris under the sky

alexandre borodine
Prince Igor: Polovtsian Dance – Arrangement Vincent Paulet
K. set on
Directed, Simone Menezes
In addition to this

Henri Desmarets
Circe: Air Desires, Transport
Veronique Janes, Soprano
wonder together
Management, Louis-Nol de Camboulas

Jean-Baptiste Lully
Proserpine LWV 58: Second Air; Ballet of the Temple of Peace LWV 69: Entrance of Breton, Passepied
wonder together
Management, Louis-Nol de CamboulasAlpha

Georges Enesco
Suite for Orchestra N° 1 in C Major Op 9:4. The last
Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra
Direction, Georges Enesco

joseph hedney
Concerto n ° 1 en Ut Major: 3. Final: Allegro Molto
Steven Isserlis, Violonsel
chamber orchestra of europe
Directing, Roger Norrington

stanislaw monieszko Pariah: Pariah is Pariah
Teresa Ylis-Gara, Soprano
Polish Radio Television Orchestra
Direction, Zdzisaw Gorzynski
Polish Recordings

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Richard Strauss
Thus said Zarathustra
global television

Henry Purcell
History of Timon of Athens: Hark’s How the Songstresses of the Grove
Raquel Andueza, soprano
Philip Jarowski, Countertenor
Directing, Christina Pluharo

anton dvoraki
Dance Slave En Ut Major Op 72 N° 7
Budapest Festival Orchestra
Direction, Evan Fischer
Chanel Classics

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
51 n ° 6 . On False Sentimental and Fa Min
Aire Besson, trumpet
Edouard Ferlet, piano
Stephen Kereki, double bass

Louis-Nicolas Clarambolt
Trio Sonata in G Major (Felicity): 3. Gavotte
diderot set
Direction, Johannes Pramöhler
audax records

anne sylvestre
Acidic’s Java

EPM record

Anna Bon of Venice
g op 2 n ° 1 . sonata for harpsichord in
Marie-Catherine Girod, piano

fanny hansel mendelssohn
8. on 4 songs
Marie-Catherine Girod, piano

amy beach
54 n°1 . Scottish legend on Marie-Catherine Girod, piano

Germaine Tellelferre
without thinking
Marie-Catherine Girod, piano


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