MusicBlog – St. Etienne – Her Winter Coat

MusicBlog - St. Etienne - Her Winter Coat

St. Etienne has released their new single “Every Winter Coat” and the accompanying short film.

The British indie band released the track on the Christmas EP of the same name, which includes two different length versions of the song, along with “Lillehammer” and “A Kiss Like This”, along with two other holiday songs.

The EP is the first new material since the current album “I’ve Been Trying to Tell You”, which the band released in September of this year and nearly 30 years after their first record, “Foxbase Alpha”.

On their tenth album, according to a music blog review, St tienne celebrates trip-hop and the ’90s, both vibrancy and emotion, rather than concrete facts: “Londonists are celebrating a retrospective out of drab images, which will soon be followed by the Will be followed. The film of the same name.”

keyboarder bob stanley Explains how the track came about and what band member Pete Wiggs played in it: “We love Christmas and it seems like it’s been a while since our last really festive Christmas album. But I guess That Pete did a really cool, icy, frosty, reflective job on ‘Every Winter Coat.

Saint tienne backgrounds its distinctive electronic components in the new track and creates more flowing sounds with post-rock and dream-poppy borrowings.

For the most part, the song is instrumental in its nearly seven minutes, only occasionally does front lady Sarah Cracknell’s voice creep into the ethereal colloquial voice.

Music video for “Her Winter Coat” by Alasdair McClellan Isto According to the band “I’ve Been Trying to Tell You” is loosely associated with the film.

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The director explains his thoughts behind the short film: “When I first heard the track, I thought it sounded really dreamy, supernatural and magical. I liked making the video as an obscure sequel, with three characters from the film. There was great interest in continuing the narration and then setting it in Scotland, where the film ends.

In the black-and-white clip, three young people actually play the lead, wandering restlessly through Scottish landscapes trying to find themselves in the process.

On the beach, on the ship, and in restaurants, the protagonists, who are reminiscent of the younger versions of the band members, can be found both happy, thoughtful and upbeat.


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