‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star Whitney Way Thor explains why she’s not afraid to call herself fat.

Whitney Way Thore

Whitney Way Thor There is no problem in calling yourself fat. 31 August In Gust’s Instagram post, Star T.L.C. My Big Fat Fabulous Life She defended the use of the term to describe herself after some fans raised the issue with the way she talked about her body.

“I don’t have to distance myself from the word fat. I don’t need a personality, ”he wrote in a lengthy social media post.

The discussion gained momentum with Whitney Way Thor’s throwback photo

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Discussion of the use of the word fat began on August 27, when Thor shared a photo of himself as a young woman wearing a rainbow swimsuit with an animal print pattern.

“I’ve been bringing you fashion since 1988. But seriously, can I get this suit size fat?” She wrote.

A lot of people got funny from the snapshots of the 80’s, when Thor’s number of 1 million Instagram followers felt she needed to comment on the way she was about herself – and made sure she was beautiful.

One person wrote, “You dare not talk smack yourself.

“You are not fat. You’re beautiful !! “Another comment

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star calls comments ‘insulting’

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A few days ago I posted a picture of the 80s and said I wanted a swimsuit that I wore in “fat of size” and I got a lot of comments that I didn’t expect, so here’s a little reminder… really that insistence It is insulting to know that a fat person called fat is not really fat. If you try to persuade me otherwise, you are only reinforcing the notion that being fat is bad and has not had any meaningful effect because I am obviously fat. Telling a fat person its variety, “You are not fat; you are beautiful! / Funny! / Smart! / Success! That means you haven’t compromised that a person can be fat at the same time and have good qualities and be comfortable … and that’s a problem for you, not fat people, but work. It’s disrespectful to tell someone that the way they identify is wrong. I personally wrap myself in ether with words like “fluffy”, “chunky,” etc. I don’t need to distance myself from the word fat. I don’t need art. If it makes you uncomfortable, again, it’s up to you, not me, for many fat people, including myself, then there has been a long journey of acceptance in using the word “fat” as descriptive as any other, short, dark And white is also an adjective I use for my description and there is nothing good or bad, just that. Let fat people call themselves fat and recognize that it is no down-down. ❤️

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Thoreau’s followers seemed to make good sense of it, but their comment did not fit properly. Reality star. In the follow-up post, she explained why she doesn’t hesitate to call herself fat and why she got into trouble when people tried to tell her she shouldn’t use the term.

“It’s really insulting to insist that a person with fat called fat is not really fat,” he wrote. “If you’re trying to convince me otherwise, you’re just reinforcing the notion that being fat is bad and not in a bad sense, because I’m obviously fat.”

Insisting on a person is not fat but beautiful! / Funny! / Smart! / Success!” Was. Ray actually argued that it’s not really empowerment. Instead, it means that you have not compromised that the person can simultaneously be fat and have good qualities and be friendly. “

He added, “It’s disrespectful to tell someone that the way they identify is wrong.” Thor explained that she was on a “long journey” to accept the word fat as neutral and to treat it, “as descriptive as the others – short, dark and white are also adjectives I use to describe and nothing good or bad.” Calling yourself fat wasn’t “put down”.

Many fans praised Thor’s comment

Whitney Way Thor | Alberto E. for Discovery Communications. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Few people felt that Thor was rude or defensive and should only accept the compliments of his followers. But many of Thor’s fans praised the light for shedding light on why it’s okay to call her fat.

“I really need to find a way to make peace with this word,” one person replied. “Thank you for this post. It’s inspiring. “

“This goes too deep for me,” another commented. “It took me 15 years to call myself fat. Now I do, I feel more beautiful than before. “

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