Mysterious Video – Does Monster Nessie Now Live in China? – News abroad

  Mysterious Video - Does Monster Nessie Now Live in China?  - News abroad

london – What a monstrous welcome!

This year alone the monster Nessie of Scottish Lake Loch Ness has been sighted 14 times around the world. The mythical beast is now said to have been filmed by a webcam in China as well. Well, did Nessie leave secretly?

According to the British “Sun”, Weiming Jiang has seen the sea monster in China, more than 8,000 kilometers away. The Chinese are also said to have recorded Nessie with a webcam. Gary Campbell from the monster’s central sight register to “Sun”: “He saw a black dot. Then two near the shore that walked on the water for six minutes.”

This is the first animal seen in China, as it was not the first time it was seen there. Campbell continues: “You can see it, you can see Nessie from anywhere.”

Indeed, the mythical monster inhabits the 36-kilometer-long and 130-meter-deep Lake Loch Ness in Scotland and belongs to the genus of plesiosaurs. The first reports about Nessie date back to the 7th century, now 1143 documents have been seen.

Even more so: The Scots passed a law in 1934 that placed the Loch Ness monster under protection if it actually existed.

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