Named Guilty: The New Trailer with Taher Rahim and Jodi Foster

Tahir Rahim and Jodi Foster: Convicted with trailer

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Tahar Rahim returns to the cinema in 2021. He takes the lead role in “Named Guilty”, which traces the life of Mohammedou Aulad Salahi, a Mauritanian who spent years in Guantanamo accused of terrorism given by his country after the September 11 attacks. In “Named Guilty”, Taher Rahim responds to Jodie Foster and Benedict Kalberbach. The film is scheduled to release on 14 July 2021.

We had gone Tahar rahim In 2020 “Heel“, Netflix Series. 2021, We find it here Cinema In movie American-British “Named convict“.
Dramatic biopic Enigmatic “Named convict“Must go out Cinema 14 July 2021, If theaters open their doors to the public by then.

Named convict“isCustomization On the big screen deliveredGuantanamo NotebooksFrom ” Mohammedould Slahi, A Mauritania given to the United States by its country after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Named convict“, Realized by Kevin macdonald (For which we owe “Last king of scotland“or”Power games“), They saytrue storry From Mohammedould Slahi.

it’s French Tahar rahim Who incarnates Mohammedould Slahi In “Named convict“. He shared the poster of movie In a special way . with Jodie Foster And Benedict Cumberbatch (“1914“, Doctor Strange in Marvel movies …)

abstract :

Captured by the US government, Mohammedould Slahi (Tahar rahim) Has been in custody in Guantanamo for years without any trial or charge. Out of strength, he discovers two unexpected allies: lawyer Nancy Hollander (Jodie Foster) And his colleague Teri Duncan (Shailene Woodley) Both women will face a tough fight in the name of fair justice. His controversial arguments, as well as the evidence revealed by the formidable military prosecutor, Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart Kauch (Benedict Cumberbatch), Will eventually expose a plot as much as it is condemnable.
Incredible true story of a fierce fight for survival and human rights.

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The teaser :


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