Nashville: Wendy is his great love

The native band NASHVILLE, with Salzkammergut with band leader “Peter Nash” Grazer, has internalized attitudes towards life in American folk music. But Austria’s best-known country bands not only cover songs by legendary country greats, they also write the lyrics themselves and refine the tracks with their unmistakable voice.

During shooting with STADLBUA Kevin Nashville boss “Peter Nash” Gruber

The authenticity is clearly noticeable and hence the band NASH-
A definite star of the home country scene, Ville, can already be traced back to many foreign appearances in Estonia, Italy and the USA. Out of it
Many musical friendships developed, such as the band High South, which was celebrated by Nashville. Of course, the American series “Nashville” was also an issue and followed on TV. “When it developed into a classic soap opera and the music faded into the background, I never saw it,” Peter revealed in an interview.

DSC 4178
The duo now also appear as the couple Wendy and Peter Nash

By the way, he wishes his love for music! Last year, at the famous annual Nashville Fest at Alpha Steyrmuhl, the band “Road Chicks” of the native women were invited as guests. One of the two women is Wendy Klotz (30). She completed music studies in Scotland, London and Heidelberg and works as a social worker in Kufstein. The dashing girl won the heart of “Peter Nash” Gruber (31) by storm. Cell phone numbers were exchanged and his enthusiasm for country music turned into love for life!


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