Nathan Evans remains on path to success

Nathan Evans remains on path to success

This week, too, Nathan Evans is on the road to success with “Wellerman” and is # 1 on the official German Singles Charts (GfK) for the third time in a row! Overall, Scott has topped the charts four times in this country. Nathan Evans is the first Scottish artist since 2018 (Calvin Harris) to top the German charts. In the Airplay chart, “Wellman” peaked at # 7! The global phenomenon surrounding the hit “Wellerman” also reached the chart throne in other countries: the song was now shot # 1 in Great Britain! Similarly in Norway, Austria and Switzerland. It peaked at # 2 in Ireland, “Wellerman” is # 3 in the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium, # 12 in Finland and # 58 in Canada.

It all started with a singing postman on the Tiktok platform, which started a viral trend with his interpretation of the New Zealand whaling “Wellman”. After four weeks and a worldwide movement, Scottish singer Nathan Evans released his first singles “Wellman” and “Wellman 220 Kid & Killeen Ted Remix”. Nathan Evans currently has over 1.2 million Tickcock followers and is one of the most listened to Top 300 artists for Spotify worldwide. In addition, “Wellerman” has made it to the sports world with his own “Sea of ​​Thieves” video, and on Fortnite!

All of this is a centuries-old tune in rhythmic taps and Scottish twang on the guitar, and Si Shanti quickly became a phenomenon. As soon joined the whole of Tektok and formed a polyphonic seaman’s choir. Greats such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gary Barlow and Ronan Keating have also contributed to their editions, the Tickcock twins Lisa and Lina have already danced in the remix and Nathan Evans also recorded his own version of “Wellman” for the Bundesliga is. They recently released the first official “Wellman” duet together with the most successful Shanti rock band in Europe, Santiano! Nathan Evans has already announced the first tour dates for Great Britain for the autumn and intends to perform his bang live in Germany as soon as possible.

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Photo: (c) Joe Hanley / Universal Music


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