Netflix Christmas Movies 2021: Covers Everything From Thrills to Heartbreak

Netflix Christmas Movies 2021: Covers Everything From Thrills to Heartbreak

It’s only November, but the first Christmas lights are already hanging here and there and the holidays are getting closer and closer. So it’s no surprise that the first Christmas movies and series are also coming to Netflix, premiering on the streaming service this year. Titles such as “Prinzesinentosh”, “Christmas Chronicles” or “A Christmas Prince” have made a name for themselves in recent years and have already received sequels.

In addition to the five highlights, there are now all-new titles that have made it to the stage at Christmas.

Netflix: 5 movies and series for festival 2021

There will be over 25 new titles for Christmas 2021.


Princess Swap 3: Looking for the Star

It goes back to the small duchy of Queen Margaret, but this time a horrific theft took place. The Star of Peace is stolen and the Duchess and Stacey have no choice but to ask Fiona for help.

This time Vanessa Hudgens slips into three roles and tries to find the star in time for the festival with a beautiful girl from the past.

christmas flow

Leela is a firm single and definitely doesn’t want a relationship just because the holidays are approaching. She meets rapper Marcus of all people in a crowded department store. Instead of love, hatred arises between them, but with time this changes. A year later the cards were shuffled for Christmas.

A new Christmas series that can be watched in any case and fits easily amidst all the tension of Christmas with three episodes.

a castle for christmas

Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) is a successful writer who returns to Scotland, where she spent parts of her childhood in an old castle. She wants to buy the property, but so is Duke Miles Dunbar (Carrie Elwes), who doesn’t want to give away her property to a foreigner under any circumstances. A dispute breaks out between the two, which seems to be slowly changing.

Brooke Shields and Carrie Elwes play the perfect couple who are looking for happiness again in middle age.

single all the way

Peter (Michael Urie) is fed up with the stupidity of his family and without delay asks best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) if he wants to pretend to be their new partner. Everything goes out of hand when her mother (Kathy Najimi) sets up a blind date with her coach James (Luke MacFarlane). Again it’s about dates on the holidays, but this time out-of-touch togetherness is upset. Are the characters really only aware of their true feelings in all the mess? Is there still hope for true love?

A California Christmas: City Lights

Callies (Lauren Swickard) and Joseph (Josh Swickard) run a mountain winery together and the farm couldn’t get any better. There was a lot of spark between them in their personal life as well, but Joseph has to go to the city for work and the relationship starts cracking.

The story takes place a year after the events of the first part. Now Joseph has to go away for the first time for a long period of time and there are family problems on the horizon. Is there still a happy ending?

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