Netflix rolls out its Christmas 2021 movie list

Netflix rolls out its Christmas 2021 movie list

That’s all, we come to December, the favorite month for young and old! The holiday season is already well established, streets are decked out with dazzling decorations, year-end chocolates have invaded shelves, Mariah Carey is passing in loops in stores… and on famous streaming platforms. Also, there is a beautiful festive atmosphere.

In this period when you only want to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, a hot drink in your hands, indulge yourself in some guilty pleasures in front of the TV, Netflix totally lives up to the expectations. Every year, the stage of the red “n” actually plays Santa Claus, against a backdrop of snowy landscapes, highlighted by gift shopping, family meals, and of course, the great love that goes right. . New Year’s Eve …

Last year, Netflix gave us great content for the holidays, including romantic comedies. holiday with Emma Roberts and princess of chicago 2, still embodied by Vanessa Hudgens. But at the same time, for a wider audience, fairy tales jingle jungle with One Whitaker and the second part of Christmas Chronicles, worn by the couple in town Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, playing the legendary onscreen duo of Santa and Mrs. Claus… Hard to do better, and yet. Once again this year, the streaming giant has pulled some holy gifts out of its wallet!

There’s no doubt that fans of the genre have already hard love, the new Christmas romantic comedy par excellence. Arriving on Netflix in early November, the original film follows a young woman who decides to surprise a man she met on the Internet for the holidays, except that the latter isn’t what she thought. … laughs and butterflies guaranteed! Then the stage recently gave us a nice surprise too: this time not a movie but a Christmas series, made in France please! romantic comedy again, so called christmas flow Stars Shireen Boutella (Police of lupine) and singer Taek, who is playing his first on-screen role here. Two factions A journalist and a rapper who oppose everything, and yet… ah, the magic of Christmas!

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Christmas, a More Romantic Celebration on Netflix

and that’s not all. Recently a new Netflix Christmas movie has come on the famous platform. Newly appeared this Friday, November 26th, a castle for christmas Another romantic comedy is As We Like Them, with American actress Brooke Shields and British comedian Carrie Alves headlining. She plays a bestselling author wishing to acquire a castle in Scotland, the grumpy duke who owns said castle… we’ll let you guess, or at least see, what happens next!

Won’t these novelties be enough to satisfy your hunger this holiday season? Don’t panic, Netflix has it covered. The platform has put together a (long) list of already available Christmas movies in its catalogue. Of course, there are 25. So if you do one per day from December 1st, this nice selection will serve as a real forward calendar, waiting wisely until D-Day!

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