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New in Amazon Prime Video: Continuation of

Officially, “Robert the Bruce” (now new in Amazon Prime Video) may not be “Braveheart 2”, but it is clearly linked to Mel Gibson’s epic and Angus McFadden’s Scottish King Robert in “Braveheart” Has played the lead role after incarnating. .

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“Braveheart” actually ended with the death of William Wallace (Mel Gibson), a epilogue providing a glimpse into the future: King of Robert the Bruce (Angus McPhain), nearly a decade after the death of a folk hero Scotland puts their country into a decisive battle against the English and wins them their freedom.

Parts of the story “Robert the Bruce”, the sequel to the unofficial “Braveheart”, have been omitted. A year after William Wallace’s death and an argument with his England loyal rival John Comine (Jared Harris), Robert calls himself the Scottish King, but does not have the support of the entire people. He has suffered defeat after defeat and has been placed on such a high reward that many scots want him to get to the knife.

He has actually conceded defeat, sent his men home and is ready to be badly injured in the mountains. But a family finds him and gives him shelter in winter …

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“Robert the Bruce”: not a fighting epic

Anyone expecting epic images and great battles in “Braveheart” will be disappointed by “Robert the Bruce”. The camera glides briefly over the Scottish Highlands, but Above all, director Richard Gray (“Sugar Mountain – Without a Trace in Alaska”) relies on a character drama about a skeptic king who actually ended up with a struggle for freedom.

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He may also be interesting, but the author of these lines can hardly be imprisoned by “Robert the Bruce”. Even if single parent Morag (Anna Hutchison) hides Robert with him and puts himself in great danger, as his clan is truly loyal to England, there is no real tension. When the big pathos club is headed for termination, it has no long-term impact.

“Robert the Bruce” is now available on Amazon Prime Video if you want to watch it yourself.

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