New Lieutenant in “District 31”: Works for Eve Landry

New Lieutenant in

It was Eve Landry who landed the most iconic role on TV this fall, becoming the new lieutenant in “District 31.”

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The actress has cut her work schedule with a tight schedule to highlight all the intrigues of writer Luke Dion.

“It’s a challenge I’ve wanted to take on, it’s been a long time since ‘District 31’ evolved, I’ve heard actors speak about the workload and the frantic pace. But I face challenges, Which attracted me so much,” she said in an interview with QMI Agency on Wednesday from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, where she was filming a documentary series on families making extraordinary life choices.

“I knew I had the energy and support of my partner,” said Eve Landry, who has two young children.

Distant, mysterious and confounding theories, his Melanie Charon comes across in a position where we often turn corners. She comes to replace the previous lieutenant, Gabriele Simard (Genevieve Brouillet), who is gone overnight, and while many members of the team are still there, Detective Sergeant Stéphane Polliot (Sébastien Delorme), aka “Dolou”, is killed. shaken by. Also, Bruno (Michelle Charette) is in pain of love and spins cotton very badly.

Luke Dion told me: ‘I hope you don’t expect to be back at 31 with flowers! I mostly started with that sentence. I also built on the fact that she lost her fellow patrol. Yeah, she’s cold, I told myself that she protects herself, that she lost people. Don’t want to get in touch with her too soon, especially on the 31st!” He added with a laugh.

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It makes sense to say: many of the daily’s lieutenants or key figures have died since 2016: let us think, Nadine Legrand (Magali Lepine-Blondo), Geoffroy Morin (Luc Picard) and Laurent Clotier (Patrick) In addition to the “dolls” of Labe).

“I like that she’s mysterious, that you really don’t know what she’s hiding behind. Why this big shell? I like the fact that we’ll discover it over time, that we’ll let the public know everything is cooked.” Don’t give in,” she continued.

Melanie Charon has a lot to do with ordering at 31. “She continues to clean up, to manage the wounded, most of them in mourning. She puts the post back on track, she takes her place as lieutenant, respects, and loyalty to him. Important,” said the actress, who read her last texts that morning for the episode that will be presented before the holiday break.

Fifteen years after the start of his career, “Unity 9” and “M’Entends-To?” Marked by roles in strong series such as, Eve Landry is also featured in a few episodes of the new series “Reasonable Doubt”, the first addition available on

She will join Edith Patenaud on the board of TNM in “The Enemy of the People” by Henrik Ibsen from March 15 to April 9, 2022.

This spring, she’ll also be able to see him on UNIS TV at the helm of the documentary series “What Families,” a production that will feature families living apart.

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