New on Amazon Prime Video: You really need a strong stomach for this insanely brutal cannibal shocker! – Movies News

  New on Amazon Prime Video: You really need a strong stomach for this insanely brutal cannibal shocker!  - Movies News

With “The Green Inferno,” Eli Roth pays a heartfelt tribute to 1970s cannibal cinema. However, in “Geostorm”, Gerard Butler has to deal with countless natural disasters. These are today’s reboots on Amazon Prime Video.

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Eli Roth is currently working on his film adaptation of the video game “Borderlands”. Previously, the man was primarily known for hard horror food like “Cabin Fever”, “Hostel” or “The Green Inferno”, which is now available on Amazon Prime Video. But beware: a strong stomach is a must!

» “The Green Inferno” from Amazon Prime Video*

This is what “The Green Inferno” is all about

A group of students and self-proclaimed do-gooders fly from New York to the Amazon as they seek to save an endangered indigenous tribe from clearing work. When his plane crashes, he has to fight the Peruvian jungle completely on his own.

It’s not just exotic rainforests that put youth to a serious test. When the group initially meets the helpful Indian tribe, any defense is too late. Because here the townspeople are on the menu – the local cannibals are…

Eli Roth had a penchant for Italian cannibalism and mondo cinema of the 1970s, known since “Hostel 2”, in which he was the director of Ruggero Deodato (the “Knock and Zflesh”, the most important cannibal film of all time). ) scene set. With “The Green Inferno” he is finally celebrating the cannibal film subgenre – and in the best way possible.

Gerard Butler has to save the world again in “Geostorm”

In “Greenland” Gerard Butler last fought against the end of the world. But even three years ago, the Scottish actor saw himself .geostorm Already exposed to many disasters. The photos here are spectacular too – and if you’re being honest, that’s often enough if you feel like going to a rowdy mayhem cinema all over again:

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» “Geostorm” for Amazon Prime Video*

After the world was hit by some natural forces, a satellite system was installed for protection, which is capable of controlling the weather. When construction suddenly does just the opposite, only one person can save humanity from being drowned by a geostorm: Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler), the developer of the control device. Time is running out…

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