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Das verraten uns die neuen Bilder zu "Uncharted" mit Tom Holland

The upcoming “uncut” film is finally taking shape. The new photos show us an important story element and possibly reveal which countries Tom Holland is going to play in the video game adaptation as Nathan Drake.

Sony pictures

Fans of the action-packed video series “Unconnected” are waiting for what eternity feels like. Film adaptation of Nathan Drake’s adventures. But after several changes to the director’s chair and “Spider-Man” Tom Holland as the lead character, the upcoming cinema spectacle is finally taking on more and more tangible features.

Now the official Twitter channel has published four new photos for the film “Untitled”That atmosphere brings us into the mood for upcoming adventures and at the same time awakens our sense of discovery. Because there are some exciting details revealed here that can tell something about the story and places of adventure.

A gold crosses as an important story element

Treasures and puzzles are certainly not neglected in “The Unreached”. This aspect of sports is reflected in an object that the new pictures are literally in front of our noses. A gold cross set with ruby ​​that also serves as a key. The illustrations hardly allow any other conclusion that it is an important item on Nathan Drake’s treasure hunt.

We already know that Sony’s popular adventurer is in a video game adaptation by director Ruben Fletcher Set off to find the legendary El Dorado. The cross will probably serve not only as a metaphor but also as an actual key on its way to the city of Golden. But before Drake reaches his destination, he must go to many other places.

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Tom Holland has a lot in one Interview with IGN It has already been revealed when he described “Unreacted” as a global film that he would travel around the world to shoot with collaborator Mark Wahlberg (who plays Drake’s partner Sully). The pictures also provide another clue as to which places the young Drake actor is referring to.

Does this map show the locations of the “Uncharted” movie?

The map of the world presented to us by the new photographs aroused our interest with a mysterious description: some places on it are marked in red. it refers to Iceland, Scotland, Crete, Red Sea and the coasts of Australia and Antarctica. This would be a very diverse range of locations that would seem appropriate for an action pageant like “Uncharted”. After all, we have seen Nathan Drake scorching the desert from snow-capped mountains to sports.

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So will these really go to Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the action film? We do not know this. But since Nathan Drake always has to keep an eye out for the small details in his adventures, we don’t think it’s so absurd that the map even shows Such secret messages to conceal.

Whether this theory is true or not Will only show us the theatrical release of “Unreached”, which is currently dated July 15, 2021.


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