Nicola Adams forced out of coronavirus after positive tests from dance partner Katya Jones

Nicola Adams forced out of coronavirus after positive tests from dance partner Katya Jones

The BBC confirmed that Jones, 31, had tested positive for Covid-19, but had no symptoms.

The 38-year-old Olympic hero Adams has tested negative.

Under government guidelines, Jones is now required to be separated for 10 days. Adams must remain in quarantine for two weeks, as he has direct contact with the dancer.

Jones reportedly told the BBC boss he did not know how he created the infection.

The BBC has confirmed that no other cast members will be affected and the show will continue from this Saturday.

The couple will not be replaced. Sources close to Nicola have indicated he would like to return to the series in 2021 – as Jamie Laying did after pulling in 2019 due to injury this year.

In a statement issued today, Adams said: “I am devastated. My journey has ended so quickly. I had so much and so many people to win for!

“But I just want to say that Katya is thankful that anyone can ask for the best dance partner. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and it’s an incredible experience. I’m very happy to be out of the competition.” In this unprecedented time and as frustrating as it is, instead Kovid steps in to keep everyone safe, and I’m doing what I can.

“I’ll spend the next 14 days alone, so in my newly found free time when I’m not playing, I want to apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of ticket kx posted!”

Nicola Adams and Katya Jones positively out of tough after Covid-19 Test

Jones said: “Dancing with Nicola is an absolute inspiration. She has given it to her every week and we are excited to make more dancing in the competition.

“Of course, I’m devastated to leave this way but I’ve made a friend for life and loved every moment of this special journey. I wish all the other couples the best of luck!”

Strictly cum Dancing executive producer Sara James said: “We are surprisingly saddened that these unfortunate circumstances mean that Nikola and Katya are unable to continue strictly.

“They are a brilliant partnership and have achieved so much during their time on the show. We want to thank them for their commitment and even though their time in the competition is sadly over, we hope to have the opportunity to dance for them again in the future. “

The pair found themselves in a dance floor last week after failing to impress with their grease-inspired routine.

However, he was rescued by the judges and former NFL player Jason Bell became the second celebrity to receive the boot instead.


Nikola and Katya on the dance floor

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Last week Adams and Jones Shyan rocked the panel with an emotional routine in Years and Years, scoring 24 runs and putting them at the top of the scoreboard.

Measures such as measures such as social distance, couples creating ‘bubbles’, regular testing for all cast and crew, and a limited audience have been implemented by the BBC to move the show forward.

Ahead of the show, which began last month, the BBC released its Covid-19 protocol, including what would happen if a competitor or professionally developed traits occurred.


Adams meets the Queen

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The guide states: “If a person develops symptoms on set, they are immediately separated from home and sent for testing. We will follow the relevant government guidelines at the time of separation and if any pro or celebrity has symptoms, their dancing partner must also be kept separate until the test result comes out. Unfortunately due to the current length of the recommended separation period, a positive covid test result could mean that the couple will have to withdraw from the competition. “

Adams, a double flyweight Olympic gold medalist, is not the first celebrity to appear at the start of the show.

Previous contestants Will Belle, Will Young, John Sergeant, Kelly Brook, Jimmy Turbak and Jade Johnson all returned from the biggest dancing show on TV.

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