Nino Rota died on April 10, 1979

Nino Rota died on April 10, 1979

Composers of film music, but above chamber and symphonic music, and all of opera.

Animated Allegretto

Spider feast, By Albert Roussel


  • Sunday 11 April at 6:10 pm: 500 years of music at Cheto de Chambord.

Chambord’s Palace Built and dreamed of by King François 1er in 1519. In 2019, this unique monument celebrated its 500th anniversary without paint. In the early hours of sunset and a beautiful summer night, a palace is revealed from an unprecedented angle of film music, festivities and dreams …
Undergoing French and Italian performances, from Renaissance to Romanticism, the concert offers listening to some works that were created or performed in the palace, such as Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme by Mollier and Lully. There will also be pieces and aria by Handel, Ramo, Vivaldi, Gratry, Gluck, Cherubin, Rossini, and more secretive creators such as Prosper de Gainstet, Jean de Cambefort, Andre Cardinal Destchuse and Guillaume Morelli. The complementary scenes interrupted the course of the concert and allowed you to discover a castle in a fun way that still remains quite mysterious. Its story is being told step by step, its residents come to life with the music of that time.
Filmed at the Palace: Dallas Memoir Ensemble, Denis Raisin Dadre and French Parnassus by Louis Kellyn but by pianist Vanessa Wagner and singers: Sophie Cartoer, Jere Bomillier, Emiliano Gonzalez Toro, Veronique Gaines Philippines and Lucile Richardot.

Kerscho’s Tips!

  • “Les Flares du Pardi” for piano and string quartet by Girard Quartet and pianist Sebastian Ann in streaming on 15 April.
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Flowers of heaven“For piano and string quartet Matthew Stefanelli, Titled Rosettes of Notre Dame de Paris that remained intact even after the fire, are inspired by the different musical styles that emerged in these places.
Construction will take place at the Church of St. Roch in Paris, located not far from the “Church of Performing Artists” Ile de la Cité. It will be associated with the piano quintet of Louis Vern, who organized Notre-Dame-de Paris for 37 years and we are celebrating its centenary this year.
Medieval Michelle zinc “Musique Serre Notre Dame de Paris” will participate in the event for the benefit of the association.
The concert will be broadcast on April 15 on the YouTube channel of Ma 15trise Notre-Dame-de-Paris and relayed to the Facebook pages of musicians, composers, patrons and Maîtrise Notre-Dame.
You will find additional information on the crowdfunding campaign page here:

Chronicle: “The Great McBrays”

  • To find the chronicle of Bertrand Decal :

Music programming

Richard galliano : Nino
Richard Galliano, Accordion
John Surman Dave Douglas, Trompet
Boris Kozlov, Double Bass
Clarence Penn, Batty
Universal music

Nino Rota – Arthur Rebner – Robert Stolz / Ennio Neri – Nino Rota : Amarkord, “L’emiro e le sue odalische” version for film
Carlo Savina, direction
The quartet record is QR310

Nino rota : Concerto in ut major, Allegro Proprio et Allegro Moderato – insert trombone et orchester
Frederick Belli, Trombone
Baden Baden Radio Symphony Orchestra
Pablo Heras-Casado, direction
Genuin General 11128

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Nino rota : Slapped, “La Bisbetica Dometa”, Overture
Carlo Savina, direction
Screen tracks cdst 308

Nino rota : Newspaper by Gian Burska, “Long live Pappa Cole Pomodoro”
Rita Pavone, Anton Karas, cithare
RCA 74321-66149-2

Nino rota : 15 Piano Preface. Andante cantilever – Allegro – Andanto Cantabile – Allegro non too much and marked – Allegro robusta
Jimmy Brere, piano
Analecta AN 29 233

Nino rota : storm, “Moana’s Dance”
Marcus dodds, direction
Heir Sarbande 3020675178

Nino rota : Straw hats of florence, Opening
Ung Benelli, tenor
Alfredo Mariotti, short
Varica Cortez, mezzo-soprano
Rome Symphony Choir
Rome Symphony Orchestra
Nino rota, direction
Memories 74321 55109 2

Nino rota : Music for string orchestra. 2. Jokes. 3. Air
The Orchestra of Saint Cecilia Academy in Rome
Luigi Piovano, direction
Archana A440

Albert roselle : Spider feast Op 17, “The Almanac Closes” (Part 2)
Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Stephen Denway, Director
Naxos 8.572243

Nino rota : Sonata for violin and piano in G major. 1. Cantabile with Motorbike
Ronald Brutigum, piano
Isabel Van Caullen, Wylan
Challenge Classics CC72307

Nino rota : way, Ballet Suite for Orchestra. 7. Loneliness and weeping
Stefano Pagliani, violin
Giuseppe Bodanza, trumpet
Milan La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra
Ricardo Muti, Disha
Sony SK 66279

Nino rota : A hero of our time, “Wrapped in a yellow boa”
CAM 74321 13055 2

Nino rota : _Improvviso en Ut Maj, “_A Passionate Devil” – insert cello et piano
Francesco D’Orio, cello
Gyampolo Niti, soft
Stradivars STR 3393

Jean de Cambfort : Royal night concert, “That I was resting and I was sleeping soundly” (4 days ago). Sleep and silence dialog
Match set
Sebastian Dusse, conductor
Harmonia Mundi 95222324

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Phil och

Camille Saint-Sense : Quintet in minute 14. 3. Presto
Gilloum Belome, tenderly
Girard Quartet:
Hughes Girard, violin
Lucy Girard, cello
Odon Girard, Alto
Agathe Girard, violin
B record 263118

Nino rota : mystery, Part 3
Angelica Tukeri, Soprano
Corinna Wojcza, mezzo-soprano
Gino Cinnamburgi, tenure
Ugo Trauma, short
Choir Pro Civit Christian D’Size
Pro civit christian d’Asses orchestra
Armando Renzi, Disha
Keys CD 50-9323

Nino rota : Saint, “The Godfather Finale”
Silva screen film cd 032


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