Opera Le Peletier in Paris

Opera Le Peletier in Paris

For more than half a century, Oprah Le Peltier hosted lavish compositions and ballets, before disappearing into flames in 1873, alongside Rachmaninoff, Lisette, Ober, Gunod, Verdi, Adam, Delibes …

Kerscho’s Tips!

  • La Cinematheque offers a journey through time and space: over time, on the way to 1960s Georgia and with Otar Iocelliani’s film.Designer songs»

The director Otar Iocelliani Takes us to the sound of polyphony emanating from the depths of time in the four regions of Georgia, which we have from generation to generation. Each province remains fiercely in its rules, its cannons and its school.
The voices of men are etched on the faces of singers, the scenes of immense landscape, the image of secular villages and daily life: men and women in their works, children in their discoveries.
There are no comments, just images and voices for homage to Georgian culture.

Chronicle: “The Great McBrays”:

  • Bertrand Decal’s Chronicle: “Florence Ballard, Injustice Supremo“:

Music programming:

Charles simon cattail : Biadres, Overture (Act I)
Solmante Naturali / Sangeet Floria
Didir Talpan, Disha
Singular Edition ES 1016

Charles simon cattail : Biadres, Eye Charm Treasure of Grace (Act I) I
Xora Divané Dévéda Rustan and People Singing
Katya Vellett, Soprano, Ixora
Jennifer Borghi, Soprano, Divana
Melody Ruvio, Alto, Deveda
Andre Heubauer, tenor, Ruston
Choiier National Bulgare Svetoslav Obrentov
Solmante Naturali / Sangeet Floria
Didir Talpan, Disha
Singular Edition ES 1016

Franz Lizat : Braintura’s Tarantella After Tarantella from “La Muet de Portisi” by Abeer S386 – for piano
Georges Ciziffra, piano
Philips 456760-2

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Daniel Francois Esprit Ober : Portkey mute S16 Op 5, “Poor Only Faithful Friends by Massaniello” (Act IV) from Aria
Nicolai Gadda, tenant
Philharmonia orchestra
Alcio Galleria, direction
EMI 7695502

Franz Lizat : Don mold, “Transports envy” (1 part) duo don sanche elidor
Gerard Guarino, tenor, Don Sanche
Istvan Gati, Baritone, Alidor the maj
Hungarian State Opera Orchestra
Tamas Pal, Disha
Hungerton HCD 12744-45-2

Charles gunod : lost, Ballet (Act V), 1. Les Nubiénes. 2. Adagio
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Colin Davis, direction
Philips 4201642

Charles Gunod – Frantisek Diak : Be healthy (Act III) Faust’s Aria – “Salt Abode Chest et Pure (Act III) Faust’s Aria
Beno Blacht, tenor
Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
Supraphon or Supraphonet SU 3423-2 201

Charles gunod : _Fast, “_Halut, Absurd Chest and Pure” (Act III Sc 4). Cave of faust
Benjamin Burnham, tenor, Faust
Pkf – Prague Philharmonia
Emmanuel Villam, direction
Deutsche Gramophone 4836078

Charles gunod : _Faust, “_Ah je ris”, (Act III) Air de Marguerite
Nathalie Manfrino, Soprano, Marguerite
Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra
Emmanuel Villam, direction
Deka 480 0659

Giuseppe Verdi : Sicilian Vespers, The initial
Milan La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra
Ricardo Chile, Disha
Deka 478 3559

Richard Wagner-Franz Lizat : Tannhusar WWV 70, “You Can Be Happy Now O”, Hemet (Act III) Choir des Pelérins – Insert Reaction Piano S443
Alfred Brendel, piano
Piano Classics PCLD0016

Giochino Rossini / B Taurus : Tell Guillaume, Overture – arrangement for male voice and piano
Berno Sharffe, piano
CPO 999200-2

Giochino Rossini : Tell Guillaume, “Not a soldier” (Act III)
Choir of Theater de la Scala in Milan
Scala Theater’s Orchestra in Milan
Arturo Toscanini, Disha
Arcadia HP 604.2

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Giochino Rossini : Tell Guillaume, “ Works in my basket “(Act I Sc 1). Ruodi, Gilloum, Jamie and Hedwijk
Maddy Maple: Soprano, Jamie
Jacqueline Tillon, mezzo-soprano, Hedge
Gabriel Baquiere, Barryton, tell
Charles Burles, tenor, a fisherman
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra de Laundres
Lamberto Gardelli, Director
Warner Classics 0190295611156/30

Adolphe Adam : Gisele, Scene of Madness (Act I), “Her memory returns – she dies” (Act I)
London Symphony Orchestra
Michael Tilson-Thomas, direction
Sony SK 42450

Serge Rachmaninov : _Ge Georgian song, “_O stop singing sweet young girl” op 4 nº4
Krista Ludwig, mezzo-soprano
Geoffrey Parsons, piano
EMI CDM 7640742

Leo Delibes / Neem Jarvi : Coppelia, Suite: Preface (Act I)
Royal National Orchestra of Scotland
Neem jervi, direction
Chandos CHSA5257

Leo Delibes : _Coppélia, “_Ballade de épi” (Act I Sc 5)
Yiddish Minuhin, violin
Philharmonia orchestra
Warner Classics 0825646777815/10

Edouard Marie Ernest Deldevez – Leon Minkus – Boris Spasov : Paquita: Koda, Allegro Con Fuco
Anne Takova-Benova, Wylan
Valentina Raichwa, Veena
Sofia Opera Orchestra
Boris Spasov, direction
Bicasio 10544


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