outlander data unknown

outlander data unknown

season five foreign is finished and the sixth is still in post-production. That’s why fans of the love story and adventures of Jamie and Claire Fraser, the characters played by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, respectively, are curious to know how this drama based on Diana Gabaldon’s books will continue.

However, there are still several months to see Jamie and Claire star in season six. foreign Since then, apart from being an additional brief, it will not be released until 2022. But, as Sam Heughan recently leaked details about what’s to come, we’ve gathered six pieces of data from spoilers that, presumably, fans of the series were unaware and expected the very best.

6 unknown facts about the alien:

1. He Was Inspired by Doctor Who:

Diana Gabaldon herself has said more than once that her novels are inspired by the character Jamie McCrimmon of Doctor Who. ” I was thinking of a historical novel when I saw an old chapter of Doctor Who. Jamie impressed me with her attitude and manly heroism and I thought the skirt was pretty», he began to tell.

So much so that, from there, came his idea of ​​a man, with a kilt, in Scotland. ” I decided to bring the book to Scotland in the eighteenth century and there was no conspiracy, nothing, just the idea of ​​a man in a kilt. I called him Jamie, but I didn’t trust anything else in Doctor Who», he revealed.

2. Catriona Balfe was not the first to become Claire:

In 2010, when the idea of ​​capturing what Diana Gabaldon wrote on the small screen began, there was every indication that foreign It was planned as a film. And, if she realized it, Katherine Heigl was the one who resonated the most in bringing the hero to life.

Katherine Heigl. Photo: (Getty)

3. For some reason there is no translation from Gaelic:

In the early season, when Claire has just arrived at Jamie’s time and she and her clan members are speaking native Gaelic, neither the protagonist nor the audience can understand them because no translation is done. And the reasoning provided by producer Ronald Moore is simple: They want viewers to feel what it’s like to be Claire Beachamp, who can’t understand what they’re talking about.

Claire and Jamie in the first few seasons.  Photo: (Starz)

Claire and Jamie in the first few seasons. Photo: (Starz)

4. Britain was about to ban Outlander:

It was in the fall of 2014 that the . first season of foreignBut even so, the UK came into being in March 2015 for only one reason: politicians. As The Scottish Herald revealed in 2015, the president of Sony Pictures had a meeting with then-Prime Minister David Cameron, who asked him to delay the show’s airing until a vote was taken for it. .Independence of Scotland.

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From what the above portal revealed, the government’s fear was due to the fact that heroic Scots fighting for their independence in fiction could inspire voters to become independent from the UK. And, apparently, it was a necessary gesture as he fulfilled his mission.

5. North Carolina scenes shot in Scotland:

For the first three seasons, the story of Jamie and Claire takes place in the most iconic Scottish Highlands. Although the couple relocate to America, specifically North Carolina, in the fourth season, the trip was entirely fictional as the cast and production crew are still in Scotland.

« Our team and our studio are here in Scotland so it was better to stay here. Scotland does a very good North CarolinaMatt Roberts, commenting on Digital Spy in 2018, assured that all scenes for season four were filmed at Trosuch.

6. How Jamie and Claire’s story will end:

till now . eight books of foreign And, on November 23, Diana Gabaldon will produce ninth place. However, it won’t be until the tenth when the writer explains why Jamie’s ghost is staring at Claire out the window in the winter of 1946.

« This will be the last thing in the last book. Hope fans have tears in their eyes but, you know, happier than everGabaldon announced.

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