Outlander Season 6: Shooting Started with Multiple Videos + Season 7!

Men in Kilts Trailer: Outlander stars on a road trip through Scotland

++ Update from 03/15/2021: Good News, Outlander-Fans! Outlander Season 7 is dry. The story of Claire, Jamie and all the other characters that were ever written by writer Diana Gabaldon continues on TV.

Will be 12 episodes Outlander Season 7 includes. The season will be based on the book “Book of Hope”, the 7th volume of the “Outlander” novel series.

++ News from February 10, 2021: Shooting Outlander Season 6 has begun and brings with it some new insights. Through both officers Twitter-Channel and various other channels, with some videos landing on the network at the start of shooting in Scotland. main actor Sam hugen Published one of them.

With information about Outlander Season 6 is still holding back. Clare lived last (Katerian Balaf) And Jamie (Hugon) on Frasers Ridge in the US. If they initially thought that they had left the revolutions and behind them, the war was not long in coming there either. In any case, he had to learn quickly that building a new home in the new world is not a picnic.

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