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The fantasy series “Outlander”, based on the novels of Diana Gabledon, has been extended for a seventh season. This is all well and good, but anyone who watches the series on Netflix in Germany is still stuck with Season 4. How long does it last?


The hit series “Outlander” about the (loving) adventures of Claire (Caterian Balph) and Jamie (Sam Hugon) goes to the next round:

The seventh season of the romantic fantasy saga was ordered before Season 6 began.

Now the author of the Highland saga, Diana Gabledon, who serves as the basis for the series, will have to deliver slowly: as the series has almost caught up with the book series with the latest season order. There are currently eight volumes. Gabaldon is working hard on the ninth novel, “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone,” but a release date is not yet known.

Season 5 still on Netflix in 2021

But fans watching “Outlander” on Netflix in Germany don’t care about Season 7 – they’re still waiting for the fifth season, which debuted in February 2020, to come to the streaming service. In Germany, new episodes are always available soon after the US debuts, but on the RTL Passion Pay station, which has certainly not been subscribed to as many as Netflix, and as VoD on Amazon Prime Video, but subscriptions Not as part of.

But it should not take long now: We expect season 5 of Outlander to hit Netflix in June or July 2021!

The fifth season celebrated its free TV premiere on VOX in late June 2020, and so far it is common to be released on Netflix after almost a year.

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When is season 6 coming

Season 6, which is based on a tape of “A Breath of Snow and Ashes”, is currently being shot in Scotland. There is no start date yet, but the season will most likely arrive in Starz, USA in early 2022 and then according to RTL Passion or VOD providers in Germany.

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This was followed by the season’s free TV premiere on VOX, as usual, until Season 6 finally reached Netflix. And this may not actually be the case until summer 2023…

Season 5 and Season 6 each contain twelve episodes. Twelve episodes were also released for the debutant seventh season.

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