Outlander star Sam Hughan visits real-time travel stone circle from Outlander in Men in Kilts

Outlander star Sam Hughan visits real-time travel stone circle from Outlander in Men in Kilts

The highly-popular series “Outlander” is currently paused, but Jamie actor Sam Hugon visits a famous stone ring in “Men in Kilts”, as revealed by Netzwelt.

Craig and Dun-Steinkreis in Outlander

Craig and Dun-Steinkreis in Outlander (Quail: Themoviedb.org)

  • In the Starz series “Outlander” the figures travel through time through an ancient stone circle.
  • In his new documentary series “Men in Kilts”, “Outlander” star Sam Hugon visits an actual stone ring in Scotland.
  • By Colonial Stones The Jamie actor speculates about the former work of the stones.

Viewers and fans of the popular time travel series “Outlander” know him Craigh na dunu The Starz show is called the Stone Circle, with the help of which the main character, Claire (Catriona Balfe), goes back to the 18th century in the first episode of 2014, where she meets her beloved Jamie (Sam Hugon).

Kaloden has a fictional mythology of the legendary “Outlander” stone, but he worked as a model Colonial Stones In Scotland. “Outlander” stars Sam Hugon and Graham McTewish (who plays Highland warrior Dougal McKenzie) now visit these nearly 5000-year-old stone settings in their new Starz documentary series “Men in Kilts”.

What exactly were stones used for?

In “Men in Kilts”, Hugon and McTwish travel to Scotland and in the Road Trip documentary, bring viewers closer to the country’s breathtaking nature as well as the customs and traditions of their country.

By Colonial Stones In the latest episode of “Men in Kilts”, released on March 7, 2021 on Starz, “Outlander” star Sam Hugon now gives various explanations for the existence of the stones. Pagan rituals may have taken place in ancient times, or lunar cycles were predicted with the help of stones.

Perhaps the most beautiful and poetic interpretation of the Jamie actor: the giant stone frozen giants might as well!

“Outlander” Season 6 and 7

Shooting of the much awaited sixth season of ‘Outlander’ has finally started. And the expansion of the popular show for the 7th season as well as spin-offs is imminent.

they: Entertainment Weekly.

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